The sign said, "Triple X"

If you have 38,000 messages in your deleted items and complain to me that it takes 10 minutes for Outlook to start up, you are an asshat.

No wait. When you tell me that's where you keep all of your email and you want to save them, then you are an asshat.


I was at an all night diner

It's kind of a slow week for me with the TV and the live music. I am still grooving to "One Ten Hundred Thousand Million" by The Octopus Project, but that's about it. It's why you're about to get some blog love filler, via Homer.

4 people over on that inter-web log-roll that I haven't met, but would like to have dinner with?

Funny, I thought it would be tough coming up with 4 I would want to meet in person, and now I'm already making Sophie's Choice like cuts in my head.

  • Obvs, Jim would be there. I've only meant to fly down for Blowoff since it's inception, so someday I will find out if he smells like hippie.
  • Scott can come to dinner. But he has to bring a hot model.
  • John, as long as he promises to tell a nice detailed version of his Rock and Roll Jeopardy experience.
  • I came *this* close to meeting Bradley a few months ago at the Ben Gibbard show - by the time I had extricated my self from conversation and turned around to say hello and introduce myself he was gone. He can come to dinner if he brings an iPod full of live goodies for me.

There were a whole bunch of people not eligible for this because I've met them. More than I thought. This list includes Sean, Mary, Will, Jeff, Cate, Jeff, Chris, Scott, Stacie, Karl, Sam, Mike and Bob. I'm not linking them all, you can match it up yourself.

You could really get it on?

My new favorite thing to say is "Taste God, taste God". Whether it's under my breath at the cats or out loud as a curse, I just can't get enough of it. Jameka, you are one of my favorite people this summer!

Even if you are not watching Big Brother, the search phrase "Big Brother Amber Praying" can provide hours of the most fascinating video you will see all summer.

More YouTube? OK! My new favorite person is rankpines49, who dresses up and talks to the camera like little Edie from Grey Gardens. He does a dead-on little Edie impersonation. It's almost relaxing.

No wait, my new favorite person is Brenda Dickson. NO WAIT MY NEW FAVORITE PERSON is the Brenda Dickson parody! Vagine, indeed! Vagine.


sara twirls her vagina cape on the night stage field

Have I told ya

So Saturday night was the big show at the Middle East downstairs, with Stereo Total, The Octopus Project and Les Sans Culottes. We got there early for dinner and ate on the upstairs side, where there was some serious dress-to-impress industrial goth action. It was like a school bus dropped them off since they all showed up at once. But that's not the show we went to.

Les Sans Culottes are kind of music collective-y from France. BUT WAIT, not really, they are like from Brooklyn, they just PRETEND to be from France. And that's all I have to say about them [read between those lines!]

The Octopus Project - whoa. What a wonderful surprise. I mean the whole night was a surprise to me since I had only heard of Stereo Total, and was completely unfamiliar with the other acts. The Octopus Project were on the multi-media side with films, stage props and uniforms but the music was so good that I found myself just closing my eyes. The music was so good I went up and bought a record from them after their set. The music was so good it would best be described in BULLET POINTS:

  • Drum and Bass
  • Shoegaze
  • Digital Hardcore
  • Atari Teenage Riot
  • Third Eye Foundation

Seriously, they were awesome, and are coming back to town in both September AND October.

Rob's friend loves Stereo Total, and my friend Bill does too, but Rob and I were pretty unfamiliar with them. Everyone seemed to like them and dance, but I just kind of felt like I was being screamed at by Madame Mouchon, my Catholic grammar school French teacher. I might have been more into it had I not been blown away by The Octopus Project earlier.

I forgot my camera, which is too bad because it was a pretty visually stunning night. Will I try to catch The Octopus Project next month? THE ANSWER IS YES!!

Have I told ya

Are we there yet?

Lupe Fiasco opened with the new track he does with Kanye and Pharrell, US Placers, which was awesome [rapping over Thom Yorke's "The Eraser"]. Then some Gorillaz "Feel Good, Inc." before launching into his own material. Most of Food and Liquor, plus the new track Superstardom. It was all kinds of hot and sweaty. I was pretty close to the front, I couldn't get any closer due to Pearl Jam fans sitting down [whatever]. It was what I had been waiting all weekend for it and it was freaking awesome. Lupe Fiasco, you were THE BEST THING I saw on Sunday, and THE BEST THING I saw all weekend!

I felt like shit afterwards, and headed into that air conditioned AT&T room, which was packed. I started making my way to the other side of the park for Iggy and the Stooges and it was really crazy how many more people were there Sunday. It wasn't fun anymore, it was oppressive. I met up with Bob behind the soundboard for Paolo Nutini [ICK] and he was completely burned out too. We went to go sit in the shade someplace for The Stooges, but got separated almost immediately.

Instead of actively watching The Stooges, I went and got right up front at the stage across the field for Yo La Tengo. I could still hear them and it sounded just fine. I could see the video screen. So I saw the whole "No Fun" melee from afar, when Iggy let 200 people on stage, and they didn't get the hint when it was time to get off. It made me kind of glad I wasn't up too close, actually.

I sat on the ground in the shade of the stage while Yo La Tengo set up. I was fully rested, rehydrated and ready to go, they were just perfect. I mean it - when I think about it, I had been waiting almost 15 years to see them live [I don't know why I never made the effort before] and the set list was pure silver and gold. Opening with "Sugarcube" into "Autumn Sweater"? I COULD JUST DIE. "Tom Courtenay" into "Big Day Coming"? BE STILL MY INDIE POP HEART. And when they weren't playing my favorite 3 minute songs, they were going completely nutsy droney on numbers like "Pass The Hatchet I'm Goodkind". Yo La Tengo! You were THE SECOND BEST THING I saw on Sunday, and THE SECOND BEST THING I saw all weekend! I love how I caught the stagehand in a halo:

Yo La Tengo

And then there was Sophie's Choice. Do I cross the field over to Modest Mouse to close out the weekend [convenient, and I love them] or walk to the other side for TV on the Radio [out of the way, but I've never seen them]? THE ANSWER IS TV ON THE RADIO!

I was even able to get up pretty close, but again, was a little worried about being fatigued in a rough crowd. Luckily, they played a pretty mellow set - other than "Wolf Like Me" and "Staring at the Sun", there wasn't too much crowd rowdiness. I was next to the weirdo that threw his Red Sox hat on stage ["We'll be selling this after the show"].

And that was that! There was some chanting ["One More Song" morphed into "Fuck Pearl Jam"] and a few minutes later Perry Farrell came on stage across the field so we could thank him all for everything, because it would not have been possible without him, and oh yeah, here's Pearl Jam.

I stayed for the first two songs but they just weren't doing anything for me. Plus, being like 1/4 mile from the stage, and what with light traveling faster than sound, everything seemed out-of-sync on the video screen nearest to me, which was really unsettling. I slowly made my way out and just as I was leaving the park, watched the unrelated to Lollapalooza fireworks.

Front gates

So the weekend was pretty L@@K A++ SELLER. Would I go to Lollapalooza again? THE ANSWER IS YES!!!

Yeah, yes, yes

You know, I don't think I've ever heard a song by Muse, who were technically the headliners of Lollapalooza on Saturday night.

Bob and I opted to watch Interpol, and I didn't really have high hopes, so in that sense they didn't disappoint. The setlist was good - lots from the first record, and the better tracks from the second and third. Obviously, not a lot to look at - just kind of some flashing lights off in the distance, basically. It was raining off and on but the crowd that remained were really into it. I loved that people were dancing with glow sticks. To Interpol. I know, right?


I'm pretty sure most of the people around me weren't huge Interpol fans - since that stage had hosted jam bands all day, theses people were the leftover crowd. Anyway, they liked it, and got me excited about it too. No expectations, no disappointment.

Sunday it was freaking hot, before we even entered the gates soupy humid hot. I went over for Juliette and the Licks, which is Juliette Lewis. I was really hoping for a total trainwreck, but Bob had seen them open for Chris Cornell and said they were actually pretty good for what they do. But not good enough for him to see them again, and we planned to meet up before Iggy and the Stooges.

Actually, they were pretty good. Not really my thing, the whole trashy bar band rock and roll, but Juliette was definitely doing it well.


I moved to the back partway through because I had forgotten to put sunscreen on and was beginning to sizzle and fry. And it was a good thing I did because she jumped into the crowd for some crowd surfing, and immediately my first thought was what kind of social disease you could pick up from Juliette Lewis. I totally would have dropped her.

I did stay for her whole set before crossing the field for The Cribs, who's song "Men's Needs" will stay in your head FOR DAYS. Plus, the video is totally rated R.

They turned out to be OK live - not really what I wanted on a hot Sunday early afternoon, I just couldn't get into it. It sounded like Blink 182 with a British attitude instead of a SoCal attitude. Not a bad thing.

Did I tell you it was hella hot Sunday? After The Cribs I started making my way over to the other side for Lupe Fiasco. I stopped to pick up more water, more merchandise, and did something I don't think I've done since I was 12, which was take my shirt off in public. Really, it was so hot I did something I haven't done since freaking puberty.

I've been getting tattoos now for almost a year, and the ones that are usually visible don't warrant strangers coming up to me. However the extensive torso and belly work, well, those are pieces people wanted to see. Not really sure how to react to that kind of attention because it's totally what I wanted all along. Nobody cared what it said, they were into the idea that it was there. Will I take my shirt off again in public? THE ANSWER IS PROBABLY NOT!!!

I'd pretty much planned on spending Saturday afternoon at Lollapalooza at the Citi stage, for Aqueduct, Cold War Kids and CSS. I got there in time to grab a plate of food, including but not limited to Chicken on a Stick, and sat down on the grass for most of Aqueduct's set.

They were OK - I'm a complete sucker for the catchy "Living a Lie", but other than that there wasn't much to even motivate me to get up off the grass. Except for the incoming crowds for Cold War Kids.

I missed the boat and was pretty far back for them. However, I did get a spot that allowed me to lean up against a lamp post. Before they came on we got the bad news - there was a "schedule change". Due to the fact the CSS missed a flight they wouldn't be performing [FUCK], however the "good" news was that Matt and Kim would do another set [AS IF].

Somehow I still managed to enjoy Cold War Kids's set - throughout most of it I kept thinking "Is this emo?" or "Are they just ripping off Death Cab For Cutie?" however by the end, I realized what had been going on. Cold War Kids ARE the second coming of whiteboy soul pioneers Afghan Whigs. They were that good. Even Beatle Bob was there.

Cold War Kids

Cold War Kids - you were the SECOND BEST THING I saw on Saturday! You were the FIFTH BEST THING I saw all weekend!

So with the absence of CSS, my schedule had opened up a bit. Instead of trying to cram something in I decided to just take it easy for a bit. I sat down on the grass off to the side for most of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! and I realized they pretty much just give me a headache nowadays, and I'm not really sure what I ever saw in them other than being swept up in a wave of hype.

However, with the rest and lack of sun all day I decided I had the energy to check out the Yeah Yeah Yeahs up close. I spent the next hour moving forward through the crowds [The Hold Steady played across the field - I didn't hear anything worth turning around for].

At 6:30 Perry Farrell came out to embarrass himself some more by giving them this stupid introduction, like he personally was responsible for driving their bus here.

As unimpressive as they were last Saturday at the Tweeter Center, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs owned Lollapalooza Saturday. All the crazy cutting girls around me went nuts for Karen O. All the young dudes started crowd surfing for Karen O. If you had told me that this would be the roughest set of the weekend I would have laughed, but everyone around me went nuts for the next hour and I couldn't help but be swept along. The new stuff sounded great, they made the effort to play older tracks. Yeah, they kind of owe their career to Siouxsie and the Banshees, but who cares - they do it so well. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - you were the BEST THING I saw all day! You were the FOURTH BEST THING I saw all weekend!

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Yo - I'm warning you know this chapter is going to end on a disturbing note. When YYYs were done I had an hour to make my way completely to the other side of Grant Park for Interpol. Luckily it only took about half an hour. However at 8 the skies opened up and it started raining - it wasn't awful, no one was throwing mud at me or anything, but still. I somehow missed out on all of the corporate rain poncho giveaways and was left with just an umbrella, and 30 minutes of Patti Smith's set. I was meeting Bob right after her before Interpol.

I hate Patti Smith. There, I said it. I even watched her set with an open mind, but now I think I actually hate her more. She's just so preachy and ridiculous. You know, if she would have just shut up between songs it might have been tolerable. But then her dramatic interpretation of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" goes and just ruins everything.

I understand her cultural influence on an intellectual level, I get it. Without her there would be no Siouxsie and the Banshees or Yeah Yeah Yeahs. She's a godmother, whatever lady, just stop screaming "nigger" at me, it's OLD.

I know I know, I'll drop the hate. Bob and everyone around me loved her set and we were off in the rain to see what Interpol were going to do.

[to be continued]

Stand on platforms in water

Taking a break from writing about Lollapalooza, last Saturday Rob and I went down to the Tweeter Center for the big indie rock show. It was the Download festival, but we were only going to see Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Modest Mouse.

I assumed that YYYs would be going on around 7, and when I assume I make an ASS out of U and ME, because as it turns out, they were scheduled to play at 6:15, which worked out perfect because we go there at 6 because there was no traffic, and the parking lot didn't seem full at all, and the venue didn't seem full at all either.

I bought the tickets last week using my new "I'll wait until press tickets have been released" system, which worked out pretty amazing because we were in the 6th row on the right and pretty much had the whole area to ourselves. As it turns out, ticket sales were so shitty apparently they were actually giving the tickets away last week.

This was my third time seeing YYYs, and while I'm no fan at all of their last record, they usually put on a pretty kick ass performance. But not last Saturday. They seemed really bored/out of it for almost the whole time. Things only picked up for the last two songs [the second to last was an aborted "Maps" that was then played acoustic instead - which was actually as amazing as it sounds]. "Maps" was the only track played from the first record. Also, we were sitting in back of the one girl in the pavilion who was in love with them. A disturbing YYYs trend I've noticed is that they are picking up a fan base along the lines of "those girls". The ones who get all weird about Tori Amos, and you just know are cutters. We wound up moving seats - she was that weird.

Download Festival 018

Also, there was this awesome hipster and his girlfriend wearing the shortest hot pants ever that showed up for a few songs. You could see the butt!

What is Guster? Rob asked. Shitty alternative rock, I answered. We went in search of food during their set and I'd forgotten just how scary pavilion food is. We watched people filming Dating on Demand personals. Pretty much anything would have been more interesting than Guster.

Once Guster were done, we went back in to "kick the squatters out of our seats", but I am telling you it was still just an empty press section, actually. When MM came on the only person that stood up in all the rows in front was directly in front of me, but that's OK because I was going to stand up anyway.

The first half of their set was very good - very 'pavilion' friendly, "Out of Gas" was an amazing addition to the set I hadn't expected. After "Satin in a Coffin" Isaac addressed us all, it was kind of rambly but cute. Until.

With the house lights up he noticed that everyone was standing all organized, and proceeded to invite everyone down front because there was plenty of room there. He said it would be OK because they have insurance here anyway. The crowd almost held back, and I think they would have if they hadn't suddenly launched into their radio hit "Float On", which sent, well, pretty much everyone rushing forward. It was like watching bees or ants, so I watched security give a half hearted try and pushing people back, and then just resign themselves to pushing people out of the aisles. Somehow, my row remained relatively calm as most people were rushing for the coveted GA pit up front.

ALSO, remember the hipster I saw during YYYs with the girl who's ass was hanging out? It was about this time that he looked really familiar to me. I tried to match the face up, but internet message boards this AM confirms that said hipster that I secretly laughed at was actually ISAAC BROCK and his FIANCEE. KIDS! DO NOT LAUGH AT HIPSTERS, YOU MAY REALLY WANT TO STICK YOUR TONGUE DOWN THEIR THROAT!

Download Festival 053

The only other show highlight was set closer "Spitting Venom" with a bit of "I Came As A Rat" thrown in. I was pretty disappointed at the lack of "Tiny Cities Made Of Ashes", but there was no way I was staying for the encore and sitting in traffic for 90 minutes trying to get out of the parking lot. But psyche - it didn't show up in the encore either, so I missed nothing.

Overall, it turned out to be an A++ evening at the Tweeter Center! Well, maybe more like B-. However we still cannot figure out what exactly the "Download" festival is, other than there was a lot of money spent on advertising telling me that I was at DOWNLOAD 2007!!!!!

Every winning opinion

I want so badly to believe.

I do! I do wish that Daft Punk had been phenomenal! But really, it was just kind of meh. Bob literally took off five minutes into their set ["Is that all they do?"] to go catch Ben Harper, and even I was wondering if I had made the right choice.

Too tired to dance, I sat down on the grass off to the side, watching the pretty lights and the ravers and the glow sticks and the thumpa thumpa thumpa. It actually did get a little better - my mood had improved, and the pyramid pulled off some pretty awesome lighting effects. However I just can't get past the urban legend that it's not even really them up there - they just hire two actors to put on the robot costumes and rock out for ninety minutes. I mean, they claim to be mixing and playing the music, but it all just sounds pre-recorded, and coincidentally exactly timed to like a billion lighting and video effects. I moved a little closer for the encore and got into it a little bit, but all around it just kind of disappointed me.

Amazingly, Bob and I ran into each other on the way out, blocks before the pre-arranged meetup point.

Saturday morning was cloudy, we bought umbrellas before going in, and I headed over to catch Matt and Kim, mostly due to location. They were - well, kind of like Atom and his Package, which is not what I really wanted on a Saturday morning.

Across the field from them was I'm From Barcelona, yet another music collective, this one from Sweden, where I think the government pays them to do this.

I'm From Barcelona

Balloons, costumes, dancing, crowd surfing - the whole nine yards. I never did count how many of them there were, I think it was over 30. At the time, I really, really enjoyed it [ooh, a song about Chicken Pox? and it's DEEP!], I jumped around and sang, but in retrospect they weren't that memorable. Would I go see them again? THE ANSWER IS PROBABLY NOT!!

Up next is the big old indie rock stage and the biggest disappointment of the entire weekend. TO BE CONTINUED!

I don't think there is one

WEB LOG! I normally would not bother you with the YOUTUBE video, but Bearforce1 are some truly special guys.

The pastel polo shirts? This is why they hate us.

Every kindhearted banker

So when we last left off, I was on my way to check out Sparklehorse. It was hot and I would be standing on pavement [which was a little weird - Coachella certainly wins that matchup] but I learned from previous festival experience that I should never by a bottle of water. I should always buy two or three bottles of water, so I was all set.

I didn't even really have high hopes for Sparklehorse, and was mostly checking them out based on web-log buzz. As it turns out, not only were they really good, but I've already bought one of their records since coming home. Kind of a cross between Red House Painters and The Jesus and Mary Chain, if that makes any kind of sense. It was shoegazey, it was alt-country, it was A++ and I survived!

After they were done, I had an hour before Blonde Redhead, who were playing the other side of Grant Park. Crossing back by Buckingham Fountain, it gave me that 'festival' feeling, of 'holy fuck there are a ton of people here'. I waited in line forever for some ice cream [at a park vendor, not a festival vendor] and went over to stake out space for Blonde Redhead. And shade.

Blonde Redhead were just fine. I had seen them years ago when they were a noise-rock four piece and liked them then - but now as a dream-pop three piece I say A++ to the 4AD record label! Sadly, I missed the last 15 minutes of their set [and luckily they didn't play "Equus" or "Misery is a Butterfly"] to meet up again with Bob for dinner [we parted ways after The Polyphonic Spree so he could go see moe.]. Will I go see Blonde Redhead at The Roxy next month? THE ANSWER IS QUITE LIKELY!

Dinner was a pretty awesome vegetarian plate from the chinese food vendor - fried rice, lo mein and spring rolls for $7, and it actually tasted good. Oh, I went nuts and got a smoothie for dessert, which was another $7.

We ate while watching Satellite Party, Perry Farrell's latest deal, from about as far away as humanly possible. Was it nice to hear the old Jane's Addiction songs? Sure. Even the Porno For Pyros stuff, and new stuff sounded great. But goddamn is Perry ridiculous. I don't have a lot of complaints about the whole Lollapalooza thing, but one thing that got to me was the presence of his ego everywhere - like, you were not getting out of there without knowing that this was a Perry Farrell joint. And it was just all so preachy and obnoxious. SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!

Bob and I went to check out LCD Soundsystem. I had seen them earlier this spring and it ruled. At Lollapalooza? Not so much. It wasn't really their fault, it was a fine performance. It was so good Bob was converted the way I was last spring.

First, there's a big difference between a hot and sweaty nightclub, and a huge field of people outdoors. Bob and I were pretty far away from the stage by the time they went on, behind the soundboard actually, and while they had a TON of energy, it couldn't really reach that far.

Additionally, I was now completely out of energy. Hyper dance-punk was the last thing on my mind - I just wanted to sit down. Thank god I had abandoned my original plan of being RIGHT UP FRONT - I seriously think I would have been killed.

Their set list was almost exactly the same as last spring with a few cuts dropped for time. I was also a little disappointed they played "Daft Punk is Playing at my House" so early in the set - I was hoping they'd close with it and it could bleed into Daft Punk's opener across the field. James noted the irony of it all, shouting "You've got to set them up" at the people who actually were setting them up. James was pretty chatty and that worked.

They did well playing with the sunset and the Chicago skyline as their light show. He started getting cranky about the lights near the end - I couldn't really catch exactly what was going on from so far away. Had I conserved my energy during the day, had I been up closer - LCD Soundsystem could have ruled.

Now that it was dark, James told us to "turn around - go there - now" and those five tones from Close Encounters of the Third Kind floated across the field.

[to be continued]

If they have a future up ahead

I'm all caught up so I was playing me some Tip Top when I realized WAIT! I went to a music festival 2 weeks ago and have not written down the experience in my web log yet!

Lollapalooza Friday started out with a long line in direct sunlight. It was not too humid, however I did crack into my water before even entering the gates. Upon entering, I went right over to Elvis Perkins in Dearland. I'd heard a few songs I liked, and his live show was good too. A cross between American Music Club and The Decemberists maybe. He also gets props for standing up to the asshole stage manager who tried to throw them off at 12:15 instead of 12:30.

While You Were Sleeping is definitely my favorite track.

From there I went over to Colour Revolt, and also received my first introduction to Beatle Bob, who I seriously thought was Mike Myers as Austin Powers. He gave them a real goofy introduction.

Colour Revolt were - OK. I was pretty psyched to see them - I still adore the EP. Live, I wound up just sitting back in the shade - there really wasn't enough there for me to even stand up to watch them. It sounded fine I suppose, I think I just had my hopes set way too high, thinking they were the second coming of Slint or something.

I went back over to one of the big ["Bud Light"] stages to see The Polyphonic Spree. Remember how much I loved them when I saw them a few weeks ago? This time, I think I loved them even more.

Lollapalooza Friday 074

In some ways it was "Polyphonic Lite", as they only had an hour to play. They came out in their Fragile Army uniforms and ran through about 30 minutes of hits. Since there weren't enough people on stage, Beatle Bob showed up for a song, and another had 12 members of the Chicago Tap Theater. At 3PM, Tim announced "This is our last song", and couldn't keep a straight face, following up with "Well, we need time to go get changed!" They got into their robes and actually did a run-through the crowd before taking the stage again. I hadn't been expecting a costume change in such a short set, and if they were going to run through, I figured they'd just stay behind the barriers.

Lollapalooza Friday 063

POLYPHONIC SPREE! You were the BEST thing I saw all day Friday! You were the THIRD BEST thing I saw all weekend! Congratulations to you!

The sun hadn't faded at all yet on Friday, [I was rockin' the sunscreen]. Polyphonic Spree playing on a main stage with no shade, and with all the dancing, singing and arm waving amongst 5000 other people, I was starting to get that 'festival' feeling, which is actually just a fancy way of saying 'fatigue' or 'dehydration' but NO TIME TO REST because as soon as the Spree ended, Sparklehorse started up across the field...

[to be continued]

Every childstar wonders

Weblog! It has been too long! A busy and tiring time I have had. ANYWAY, nothing jumpstarts a weblog like PUSSYFEET:

You can passionately fuck the foot in a way you’ve never been able to before.
But really, every quote and picture was a good one. Via. And you shouldn't be following weblog links at work.

IN OTHER NEWS we went and saw Sunshine last night. It was typical Danny Boyle - Atmospheric, depressing and disturbing. Thumbs up, even though the story itself was really formulaic for science fiction. Added bonus? New Underworld track playing as the end credits kick in [yo, I totally got the GA tickets up front].

IN OTHER NEWS, I mean, for myself I really need to write about Lollapalooza as the memory fades more and more each day, but there was just so much...

I did get to uploading the rest of the pictures yesterday, it's amazing what you can accomplish with a 3 hour plane delay. I even got some writing done, but first, please, please enjoy a Lollapalooza recap from The Onion:

6:36 p.m.: Was Perry Farrell always this annoying? Every time he opens his mouth, something annoying comes out.
MY SENTIMENTS EXACTLY. Unfortunately, that 3 hour plane delay got me in well, well after midnight Monday, so I'm still fuzzy, catching up on sleep and kisses.

And what about science?

I've got Friday's pictures culled. Hope to work on Saturday and Sunday on the plane.

That their bread is buttered by Sam

Today's missing photoblog pics were from Lupe Fiasco and TV On The Radio.

Lupe Fiasco ruled. He KILLED. I declare him the long-shot, come from behind winner of Lollapalooza 2007.


Daft Punk didn't get fireworks.

Pearl Jam

I'll only stay until they play something I don't know.

Yo La Tengo

Whatever you want I'll do

The Stooges

100s and 100s of people have crashed onto the stage during No Fun...

Iggy and the Stooges

So hot. So tired. Can't get any closer.

The Cribs

Mens' needs

Juliett and the Licks

Lord, it's 11:30 on a Sunday morning and she already look all kind of fucked up...

Interesting - not pictured from yesterday were the 2 best sets - Cold War Kids and Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The winner? Yeah Yeah Yeahs. However The Polyphonic Spree still kicked their ass and is leading the weekend.

Today? Lupe Fiasco, Yo La Tengo, TV On the Radio - and The Stooges.


It took time but I found you.

Patti Smith

Jesus died for somebody's sins but not mine.

DJ Klever & DJ Kraze

They just keep sampling the words ASS & TITTIES

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Because CSS cancelled. Resting until YYYs.


You've got to keep it together

When I grow up

I want to join a music collective. A SWEDISH music collective, that is.

I'm From Barcelona

It's a you and me house

Matt & Kim

And it's alright with me

The phone stopped mobile photo web logging [it usually does]. After Sparklehorse was Blonde Redhead, LCD Soundsystem and Daft Punk. It was a very tiring day.

I assure you, higher quality pictures and rants and raves to follow. Today's winner? The Polyphonic Spree!


Goddamn it's so hot

The Polyphonic Spree

Hey! It's the sun! And it makes me smile!

Colour Revolt

We're all gonna die so we have to trust

Elvis Perkins in Dearland

You're always leaving at dawn

Here's the soon to be anchor

So yeah, on top of everything else, my car kicked the bucket Monday night. It served me well, and it only adds to the list of dating disasters, as I was just able to get it to Rob's place before it died [it was the alternator, an exciting story from my childhood, actually].

The car's not stupid - it knew I had been looking at another one. In it's presence, I had mentioned a sweet 2002 Ford Taurus that was at a dealership just down the street from where I worked. It was still available, so I went in Tuesday morning and bought it. Scary savings-depleting down payment and all. Financing, car payments, alarm systems and warranties. All new to me, so I just kind of smiled. I was offered a test drive, water or coffee while I waited [!]. It all just felt so nicely adult.

So I now drive the most republican looking car ever. People ask what color it is and I say PLAIN. IT IS PLAIN COLORED. 4 doors, leather interior, automatic transmission. Rob found the hidden cup holders in it for me and I squealed.

You know what's not a nice adult feeling? Trying to dispose of a non-working car that's parked illegally. Oh, and CONFIDENTIAL TO! C.T. - a certain insurance agent we know has almost been strangled throughout this whole process. Hopefully it's all set, what with me being in Chicago now and all. There's the issue of the missing title, the issue of the missing license plate, but all that apparently can wait until next week. Mobile Festival Photo Blogging begin - NOW!

Chicago is big

I'm wicked tired from walking.

Goodbye to you, my car.


I'm off to the airport in about half an hour, and by tomorrow this is probably just going to turn into a crappy cell phone photo blog for the weekend. But boy do I have a story to tell before then. I'll work on it on the plane.