So Monday night Dave and I went to see Death Cab for Cutie over at the Orpheum Theater in Boston.

It pretty much confirmed that I’m a crappy photographer, and that I am downright amazed at what I can do with Photoshop [tm].

During some songs, Nick would look all sad. I knew that I could comfort him, if only those pesky bouncers wouldn’t get in the way.

Also, when you sit in the second row, you notice weird things, like Ben spits. A lot. Like a chawin’ ball player. He doesn’t spit on the audience, but hey, that would have been cool with me. Death Cab For Cutie sweat a lot on stage.

The set list wasn’t especially creative. I can tell you Boston has missed out on “Styrofoam Plates” and “Why Would You Want to Live Here” twice in a row now, which is too bad. “Blacking Out the Friction” was dumped this time too, a highlight of the last show, for me.

Of the new songs, “Different Names for the Same Thing” was most impressive live. “Marching Bands of Manhattan” was pretty good too.

“Soul Meets Body” actually sounded bad to me. I’ll give him that it seems like a tough song to sing, and that this was the 7th show for them in as many nights.

OK - Have we figured out that I am totally crushed out on Nick Harmer yet? His favorite colors are darker blues and brown. His favorite food is Thai, and most Italian. He’s dreamy, and totally ready for his Tiger Beat close up.

Most of the show seemed rushed, probably due to the 7 shows in 7 days with the next day off. The way normal folk get all spacey on Friday afternoon? Yeah, that’s how this was. By the encore, well, they just weren’t even trying anymore.

How come I’m only now noticing that “Expo ‘86″ is one of their strongest songs.

And before “The Sound of Settling?” Ben came over to the people sitting down near us and asked them if they could stand up. It was then I realized how weird it must have been for him - 2000 people standing up except the 10 directly in front of him.

A good time was had by all at the big emo show.