Buckingham Fountain

1 - I've started posting over at http://rockaction.tumblr.com/ because it's just so easy to do.

2 - Before I go to Lollapalooza and post a million mobile photos, here's a new muxtape, 12 random.

So do you remember 2002? Boy, I sure do. It was a pretty crazy time - I was pretty much drunk all the time, and dramatical too. It was like I was hard coded for web logging. I just wanted people to like me.

I was inspired by Ron and David (geez, who I don't even read anymore) and started with Blogger and a book on basic HTML.

I moved domains a year later, and Jhames was nice enough to trade records (but I mean really rare ones) for a nice, 4AD-ey template to go with the new domain, ittooktime, taken from the Interpol song Obstacle 2. I was sober by then, but not really less dramatical, still dying inside a bit to be the best little boy on the inter-web.

Inspired by Josh, the next domain was taken from the American Music Club album Everclear: sickoffood.com (hot DAMN that was a great template until I broke it). I also moved from Blogger to Wordpress, (ooh, server side scripting? Can I please fuck it up?) I was also slightly less dramatical, trying more to concern myself with music and links instead of how sometimes I thought that my head would just explode in sadness.

Oh, did I mention I stopped taking the pills last month? It's a little weird with nothing to push the serotonin buttons with. I quit smoking 3 years ago. But after finishing a 6 month comedown from Prozac all of a sudden I've been obsessed with smoking again.

ANYWAY, that database, which I had imported everything into from the beginning just up and fucking died one day, and I couldn't repair it, it felt too much like work. I still have it offline, but for all other practical purposes, it's gone.

And work - the past year I've been really busy there - it's no secret that's where most of the web-logging was coming from. And at home I just found better things to do. Another nail in the web-log coffin.

Last year I started over here on blogspot with The Dead Part of You, another American Music Club reference. But I secretly knew I was pretty much done. Getting sober meant that soon enough life got good, so I had nothing much to web-log about. TV, music, links - there's only hundreds of people out there doing it better. Additionally, Rob came into my life to give me the best year of my life, and you know how I thought of this web-log as an extensive personal ad? That was no longer necessary.

SO, I'm gonna be here a few more weeks - posting pictures and reviews from Lollapalooza and then ATP, but after that I think I'm really fascinated with tumblr. It's what I've been doing here for months anyway. The problem is, of course, ALL the good tumblr subdomains are taken - even vapourtrail.tumblr.com and I mean, really? Don't fear, I'll decide on one and link it here and share my music, photos and such there.

Yeah, almost six and a half years later the whole "personal web-log" here is pretty much done for now.

So welcome to Minnow Brook

Did I share the tattoo muxtape with you? Whatever, now there's favtape, which culls from loved Last.fm tracks.

It's not much, but I assure you this web log really is finally dying for a pretty good reason with a long explanation. I'll be in techno-detox this weekend, without cable or internet so I'll write it all up in notepad. Since I won't be doing much else.


I feel the pain of interior decorators now (and then I feel nothing)

Bacon V Tofu


Aren't bad hotel bathroom camera phone self portraits internet mandatory?

Bloomington is 800 miles from my honey

I hope it falls into the sea


Named after the things they replace

Did I tell you I went to the Ladytron show this last Monday? It was pretty awful. There's an awesome Last.fm review that serves the dual purpose of detailing why the show was awful, along with why I don't ever post anything to Last.fm forums/flame wars anymore.

We got there early and went in just as Datarock was starting. They were all dressing in their matching tracksuits, and claimed to be from Norway, but I think that might have been an act and they were really from Brooklyn. Most of it was pretty good, kind of cracked out Talking Heads.

The show was sold out and packed everyone in the crowd was really bridge and tunnel. It's been a long time coming that I've wanted to use a sentence like "Listen here you little Mary - don't no one care about you and your interpretive dance" and Monday night almost fulfilled that particular dream. It was just this total - THROWDOWN. At the LADYTRON show. Baby dykes and goths and tweakers and suburban trash and art fags all packed way too tightly together and nobody playing nice with each other and getting thrown out. It was pretty distracting.

But how were Ladytron? OK, I've seen them before and really enjoyed them, but not anymore. It's a personal bias - I don't have the last two albums, and that's where almost all the material was drawn from, except for four songs. So it was just a techno strobe wash of unrecognizable sounds to me.

Would I go see Ladytron again, or even buy one of their records? The answer is No! Ladytron are OVAH.