The post titles were all Modest Mouse lyrics

So do you remember 2002? Boy, I sure do. It was a pretty crazy time - I was pretty much drunk all the time, and dramatical too. It was like I was hard coded for web logging. I just wanted people to like me.

I was inspired by Ron and David (geez, who I don't even read anymore) and started with Blogger and a book on basic HTML.

I moved domains a year later, and Jhames was nice enough to trade records (but I mean really rare ones) for a nice, 4AD-ey template to go with the new domain, ittooktime, taken from the Interpol song Obstacle 2. I was sober by then, but not really less dramatical, still dying inside a bit to be the best little boy on the inter-web.

Inspired by Josh, the next domain was taken from the American Music Club album Everclear: (hot DAMN that was a great template until I broke it). I also moved from Blogger to Wordpress, (ooh, server side scripting? Can I please fuck it up?) I was also slightly less dramatical, trying more to concern myself with music and links instead of how sometimes I thought that my head would just explode in sadness.

Oh, did I mention I stopped taking the pills last month? It's a little weird with nothing to push the serotonin buttons with. I quit smoking 3 years ago. But after finishing a 6 month comedown from Prozac all of a sudden I've been obsessed with smoking again.

ANYWAY, that database, which I had imported everything into from the beginning just up and fucking died one day, and I couldn't repair it, it felt too much like work. I still have it offline, but for all other practical purposes, it's gone.

And work - the past year I've been really busy there - it's no secret that's where most of the web-logging was coming from. And at home I just found better things to do. Another nail in the web-log coffin.

Last year I started over here on blogspot with The Dead Part of You, another American Music Club reference. But I secretly knew I was pretty much done. Getting sober meant that soon enough life got good, so I had nothing much to web-log about. TV, music, links - there's only hundreds of people out there doing it better. Additionally, Rob came into my life to give me the best year of my life, and you know how I thought of this web-log as an extensive personal ad? That was no longer necessary.

SO, I'm gonna be here a few more weeks - posting pictures and reviews from Lollapalooza and then ATP, but after that I think I'm really fascinated with tumblr. It's what I've been doing here for months anyway. The problem is, of course, ALL the good tumblr subdomains are taken - even and I mean, really? Don't fear, I'll decide on one and link it here and share my music, photos and such there.

Yeah, almost six and a half years later the whole "personal web-log" here is pretty much done for now.


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