the big post emo show

so it was a busy weekend. last night i went to see death cab for cutie and they were good! they were very good, better than i expected! they play their songs very well live. and man those boys are hotties! and sensitive! seriously - they could have stayed in my bed back before they had $$$. the show was sold out which means it was wall to wall people. kids actually. when the lights went up eric and i were the oldest people there by far.

i didn't like ben kweller's schtick, but his music was ok.

i saw hellboy friday. it was ok. well, ron perlman was a very good hellboy, and actually, that's all the movie really had going for it. it was kind of an ok night, kinda sad, re: unrequited affection. i'm not talking about it. i'm just going to hide it inside until i burst into stars and cry.

man, i am SO 15 years old.

also friday i took SQL to the vet. mostly, i learned that if my shoulder hurts after carrying an 8 pound cat (and crate) to the bus stop and back, man, no way would i ever make it on survivor. THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN.

however, i could probably beat lex simply by not voting off my friends.

np: 'freeze' by recoil