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Remember through smells

Now, imagine this group of men scarfing down their free pizza in the sex club.
What you need to do is quit asking yourself how I came across this on the internet. Is what you need to do.

Remember through sounds

OK so you know how I play World of Warcaft and everything? Sometimes even for entire DAYS like on holiday weekends [SHUT UP]?

All dressed up

Even so, I still consider myself a casual player - I've never really amassed a lot of gold. In the game there's an Auction House which is basically eBay for buying armor and weapons and such where I usually spend what little gold I have. I think maybe once I had like 30 gold.

This is a Disgusting Oozeling. Sometime over the weekend I killed some kind of Ooze, and it droppped a bag, and this was in it. Whatever, it just seemed like trash to me. Monday I went to go sell it at the Auction House, starting it at like 20 silver (100 silver = 1 gold).

Within minutes I started getting "whispers" [in-game instant messages] about it, that people were going to kill themselves over this, so I did some research.

The average price that a Disgusting Oozeling sells for is 447 gold. Easily 10 times more money than I've ever had. I pulled mine off and re-listed it at 447 gold / 900 buy it now. It sold for 480.

I'm so fucking rich in game now - like winning the lottery. And for what? A non-combat pet that actually reduces your defenses when you summon it? It's kind of like a rare Pokemon I suppose. There's like 11 creatures that can drop it. And they will only drop the bag 1% of the time. And the Disgusting Oozeling will only actually be IN the bag 1% of the time. Here are some comments from Thottbot:

Okay, this will not drop for me. I go to WPL every day, and so far I have killed 6750 or so, have a counter. I have gotten 6 epics, (all of them hurricane), over 750g in greens, and over 700g, using AH, from random blues. I will pay 10g for a bag, and 500g plus all my epics that dropped for the pet.

hehe my ex gf loved pets and I love her so...after 3265 kills I got one for her :) goodluck mates it's a bitch to get but well worth it

as of tonight i'm at 1225 tainted ooze kills...
127 greys, 15 greens, 1 blue, and 2 epics have dropped...

and still no disgusting oozeling.

I wasn't even trying, and I almost threw it away. Last night one of my guild members was looking for some Icecap, and I had a stack hanging around so I sent him some. He wanted to tip me for it and I just kind of laughed the way that lottery winners might laugh at 20 dollar bills.

ANYWAY, I finally started a second character this weekend also, so if you've ever wanted to start playing WoW and want to level up with someone you know then go ahead and friend "Slowdive" [I know, right?], an Orc Warrior on the Eredar server.

I don' think that she's...

Things We Lost in the Fire

Poor muxtape. Apparently it crashed and we lost everything and need to start over. So mine's been updated with the theme of fire.

TV stained my memories, yeah

If you didn't already love my boyfriend Rob, here's the latest reason to. He made this for me last night.

If you've never seen Workout, you're kind of missing out. I think it's the only television program that has caused me to not just think, but say out loud "I want to punch her in the cunt".

ALSO, I may have accidentally started a rumor in Hollywood that Power Dyke Jackie Warner is part of the Celebrity Rehab with Dr Drew Season 2 cast. Which would be kind of awesome.

Then I'll tell you

I was so busy watching The Boy in the Plastic Bubble yesterday that I forgot to write all about the big post-rock show last Saturday night, where AM/PM and Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra and Tra-La-La Band played downstairs at the Middle East. It was a pretty good show! I did not take pictures because it was dark and we wound up standing at the back.

We got there about 10 and the room was filled with teenagers sitting on the floor. For real! I had expected lots of fancy beards, but most of the people there could not grow a beard yet. AM/PM started and people stood up and crushed forward like it was NKOTB. Rob and I lasted about 3 songs before heading back to roomier pastures, since all that was going on was some guy sitting down and looping his guitar in the dark.

Anyway, the Stacie and Bill posse were out back anyway, and there was some chattering while AM/PM played, and once other members were brought onstage it actually started picking up and getting really good. I was going to buy an EP but the merchandise table was looking kind of creepy and lonely.

And how strange was it that this show didn't sell out? Not even close!

A Silver Mt. Zion came on and basically, they were a lot better than I had expected. I had heard that they were just playing the new record and 2 new songs and I don't think that was true. The main guy who sings that sounds dreadful on the record? It's not that bad live! It was loud - I was worried that the quiet parts wouldn't work in a club atmosphere, but even the quiet parts were freaking loud. Am I excited to see them again at ATP:NY? THE ANSWER IS YES!!!

OK, but the absolute best part of the show? Off to our left there was this guy robo tripping interpretive dance with his backpack on, screaming and stomping around for the whole show. I could not stop staring as he pissed off everyone around him. I kept breaking any eye contact because kids on drugs are like animals and you don't want to do any kind of aggressive behavior around them. I pointed him out to Stacie, noting that for once, the most annoying person in the club wasn't directly next to her.

Rob and I were tired and since I've been to a show every week since the beginning of April we left before the encore.

When I can work out how it was

The Boy in the Plastic Bubble (I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry)

Around the Interstate 8

Someone over at Datalounge is obssessively cutting and pasting reviews of buffets from someplace and it is without a doubt the funniest thing I have read in months. Seriously, I have to go compose myself in the bathroom, there's tears running down my beet red face from laughing.

I stopped for gas, but where could place be

Two days late, but it's an Alternative Rock Mother's Day Muxtape, inspired by Earfarm and Stacie, who constantly posts keyword iTunes playlists.

So Friday night was the big Swedish Pop show over at the Middle East. There were 192 people there because it was SOLD OUT, and most of them were politely there on time for Anna Ternheim, who was OK. I think a lot of people were there for her because the room started getting thinner as the night went on.

I only knew one or two Lykke Li songs, and thought they were good, but she was quite a different creature live. I was expecting a sad Swedish songstress, and while her songs are sad, her attitude is more like "So fuck it, let's dance". She and her band turned the room into an indie hipster hoe-down rave-up, and it was pretty impressive.

El Perro del Mar started out onstage alone with an acoustic guitar, opening with "Party" and "Dog" before bringing her band on for some of the newer material. While not nearly as slow, quiet and ambient as last year's set at the MFA, she still holds the Twin Peaks Roadhouse stage presence that keeps everything dreamy.

I forgot to bring my camera. The show went very late but it was very good. I would totally go see El Perro del Mar or Lykke Li again, but Anna Ternheim not so much.

Also, there were at least two people there in the packed club who had full on LUGGAGE with them, and it's like what the fuck?

El Perro del Mar

Come on over baby there's a party goin on

Lykke Li

Don't you let me go tonight

You know what I forgot to do? Write up what I think of all the records I've been buying over the past few months. At least I keep up with the shows.

Stereogum Presents Enjoyed: A Tribute to Bjork's Post. As much as I love their OK Computer tribute [I skipped the Automatic for the People tribute], this does nothing for me. Most of it's entirely too no wave for my current frame of mind. The only stand out tracks are Liars' "Army of Me" for being so bland and expected, and Xiu Xiu's "Isobel", for being the best track even though it's still pretty mediocre.

I was passed this a few months ago, and it was in pretty heavy rotation then. Better than "Plans", more of a "Transatlanticism" vibe. They're playing in Boston tomorrow, but I'm not going.

Tom Waits on crack. Brilliant. I didn't think their energy would translate onto record, but it did.

Eh, certainly not bad, but not really compelling either. A nice document, I enjoyed it more after seeing his live show.

Not nearly as weak as initial reviews made it seem. Not really compelling either. Do you like music from the 1980's? The standout track is definitely "Graveyard Girl" but not in a good way - the spoken-word breakdown is absolutely cringe worthy.

I'm off to see El Perro del Mar tonight actually. The new record is just as good as her first record, so tonight's sad Swedish girl-group extravaganza should not disappoint.

I love the first two Elbow records, but haven't had the time to consciously sit and listen to their fourth in it's entirety yet. What I've heard is great - I never really bonded with their previous record "Leaders of the Free World", and I'm kind of afraid that's going to happen again. What they need to do is play a goddamned gig in Boston and beat the songs into my head live.

Nine Inch Nails - The Slip is free, and kind of worth it? I love that he rationalizes "This one's on me", which is EXACTLY how I rationalized taking In Rainbows for free - like a frequent buyer punch card. But is it good? The hyper-aggro-industrial-"March of the Pigs" first half does nothing for me, the lush-dreamy-ambient-balladry-pop-trance-"A Warm Place" second half is absolute godhead. The halves are starting to fit together - would the second half be as amazing without the assault of the first half? I think not.

I've Hype Machined the bottom half of the Lollapalooza poster, and not much at all has jumped out at me. I keep liking the Tally Hall songs, I will definitely checkout Eli "Paperboy" Reed and the True Loves [holy crap - they're local? And on tomorrow's DCFC bill? Allston rock city represent!] as long as there's no major conflicts, and I just heard Foals today and might have to search them out. Mostly, there's going to be a lot of bottom tier acts to avoid.

For real? The only thing I can't ride is a Demon Drop. Something about the whole free-fall thing upsets me.

Round two tickets were released, and Stacie gave me the heads up.

See you there bitches. SEE YOU THERE. Including, but not limited to:

  • My Bloody Valentine
  • Low
  • Mogwai
  • Shellac
  • Thee Silver Mount Zion Orchestra
  • Tortoise, performing Millions Now Living Will Never Die
  • Mercury Rev
  • Yo La Tengo

How have you?

Oh! So Monday night at TT the Bear's was the big shoegaze show hosted by Bradley's Almanac. Film School played with The Douglas Fir.

So the story of Monday was that it was cold and rainy all day, and Rob was sick, and I was pretty sure I wasn't going to make the effort to go alone, even though I already had tickets. Rob felt better by showtime so we went, catching The Broken River Prophets in the middle of their set.

Brad was giving away all sorts of stuff. I just about completed my Cocteau Twins collection by replacing my copy Blue Bell Knoll.

The Douglas Fir started out great, real Idaho-y, and the singer was wearing his influences on his chest with the same Sun Kil Moon shirt I have. They were pretty good and I would watch them open again.

Film School came on pretty promptly [10:50, thank god]. It was all kinds of loud and swirly.

Film School 006

I'm actually a big fan of Film School because of Brad's live recording of their last Boston appearance - hearing a song here and there did nothing for me, grouped together it made sense. A little more aggressive live than I had expected. The projections were a little less pretentious than I had expected.

The set was short - about 40 minutes with a one song encore. But it's not like they have tons of material to draw from - yet. I took a video which I had never done before. It didn't come out perfect but you get the idea.

Film School were very good and I would go see them again. A++, P@WER SELLERS!!!#$!!