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I was so busy watching The Boy in the Plastic Bubble yesterday that I forgot to write all about the big post-rock show last Saturday night, where AM/PM and Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra and Tra-La-La Band played downstairs at the Middle East. It was a pretty good show! I did not take pictures because it was dark and we wound up standing at the back.

We got there about 10 and the room was filled with teenagers sitting on the floor. For real! I had expected lots of fancy beards, but most of the people there could not grow a beard yet. AM/PM started and people stood up and crushed forward like it was NKOTB. Rob and I lasted about 3 songs before heading back to roomier pastures, since all that was going on was some guy sitting down and looping his guitar in the dark.

Anyway, the Stacie and Bill posse were out back anyway, and there was some chattering while AM/PM played, and once other members were brought onstage it actually started picking up and getting really good. I was going to buy an EP but the merchandise table was looking kind of creepy and lonely.

And how strange was it that this show didn't sell out? Not even close!

A Silver Mt. Zion came on and basically, they were a lot better than I had expected. I had heard that they were just playing the new record and 2 new songs and I don't think that was true. The main guy who sings that sounds dreadful on the record? It's not that bad live! It was loud - I was worried that the quiet parts wouldn't work in a club atmosphere, but even the quiet parts were freaking loud. Am I excited to see them again at ATP:NY? THE ANSWER IS YES!!!

OK, but the absolute best part of the show? Off to our left there was this guy robo tripping interpretive dance with his backpack on, screaming and stomping around for the whole show. I could not stop staring as he pissed off everyone around him. I kept breaking any eye contact because kids on drugs are like animals and you don't want to do any kind of aggressive behavior around them. I pointed him out to Stacie, noting that for once, the most annoying person in the club wasn't directly next to her.

Rob and I were tired and since I've been to a show every week since the beginning of April we left before the encore.

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  1. Stacie said...
    "but most of the people there could not grow a beard yet."

    I would look around and be like, "oooh, cute boy!" and then i would look and he would have Xs on his hands and then I would be like "oooh, I am SO INCREDIBLY OLD I SHOULD BE AT HOME LOOKING AT READER'S DIGEST AND DRINKING A FIBER BEVERAGE."

    Also, I stood by dancy dancy guy for a while, because it didn't feel right that the most annoying person at the show was not immediately adjacent to me. And then he started talking to me so I moved again.

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