On the beach that used to be by the beach

Do you know what the best birthday present ever would be?

Final show of this brief North American tour has been announced as the Museum of Fine Arts, Remis Auditorium, Boston on Nov 19th.

Spiritualized Acoustic mainlines. Performing the music of Spiritualized, Spacemen 3 and others. Accompanied by stings and gospel singers. I already got my tickets.

In other news, I have nothing new to add to any of the Control raves - I went in with all intentions of loving it and I did. I agree that it's beautiful, and with the criticism that it really slows down at the end [it doesn't move that quickly to begin with]. 5 stars, A++.

And because we all want to know - Natalie Curtis's myspace.

"Wow!" said the broken Californian down

Four times a year ["Quarterly", if you will] I get real busy at work - it's why the web-log kind of dies for a month. I even contemplated just killing it off for good this time. Here's October in bulletpoints, with links and pictures. Bulletpoints, links and pictures = WEBLOGGING!!!

  • Tonight Rob, Stacie, Bill and I are going to check out Control over at the Kendall.

  • In other goth news, I give you Kynt and Vyxsin.

  • CAN'T WAIT. Plus, les-les ministers? Scissor me timbers!

  • In other South Park news, the return of the Woodland Christmas Critters on South Park this week gave us the first tolerable episode of this season.

  • Wednesday's show wasn't that bad. Openers Johnossi were underwhelming, but Shout Out Louds were pretty good - Wish era Cure crossed with Low Life era New Order.

  • Shout Out Louds

    The crowd was awful. Young eurotrash. In front of us were the makeout king and queen, and I had a creative clapper to my left.

  • Monday my new car that I've made two payments on got crunched by a tractor trailer. I'm kind of not thinking about it, I'm kind of in denial, I'm kind of letting the insurance company deal with it.

  • Last weekend in Provincetown averaged out fine.

  • Provincetown

    I saw tons of old friends, and got my Christmas shopping done. However the inn I stayed at was hella-creepy and I hate the fact that you can't get a dinner for under $30 in that town - you'd think it was Reykjavik.

  • The weekend before that Rob and I went to Spookyworld, and that did NOT average out fine, that was truly awful.

  • Barbara Streisand
    For reals, there was a Barbara Streisand pumpkin

    Luckily I had scored free tickets. Luckily, the magic show was the gayest thing I've ever seen, and I am totally obsessed with Lance and Jarrod. To the point where a few times a day I find myself wondering what they're doing.

    It usually involves eating a lonely cup-o-noodles in a trailer while reading the bible. Or maybe cruising Craig's List for some PnP. I kind of want their lives.

  • The new Radiohead record? A++. And the new Underworld record is just as good - dare I start the bandwagon and declare it their best since Second Toughest of the Infants? I do! The new Jimmy Eat World? Not so much. Not awful, but not stunning either.

  • However you wouldn't know what I'm listening to since I had to disable iPod scrobbling for Last.fm [technical difficulties - iSproggler suddenly started gobbling up all of my RAM - please stand by].

  • Oh, I've totally been sucked into Facebook. How did that happen?

So that was the month that was. Blogger is now supporting following up with comments via email, which kind of rocks, since when people commented with their blogger identity I had no [easy] way of responding.

The Shout Out Louds

They're OK. The drummer's cute.

Crown & Anchor






Have I told ya



No one has any ideas, damn

With the parties, unfortunately

I'm in Tahoka, now I'm gonna hook up

Rob, Andy, Jen and I went to the big Scarce reunion show last Saturday night and they were pretty good! I took pictures.

Chick Graning
Someone was wearing body glitter

The set was almost entirely old material - I thought there were 2 new songs, but I ran into Drew who cleared it up that one of them was one of Chick's solo tracks. There was no high or low moment that I can think of today.

I bought the Radiohead record for 10 pence. "Buy 5 of our records and get one free" is how I feel about that.

I was all excited for I Love New York 2 and it was slightly disappointing. Although "Sexier than a 10 piece dinner" is totally my new line to get Rob revved up.

Ugh - I can't believe how badly I need a template overhaul. I know I know I know, it's all my own fault for moving back to Blogger and thinking things would be easier but uglier [they are!]

Park & Shop

Motorist card.

Tomorrow night Rob and I are going to the big reunion show - that's right, Scarce are back after like 10 years or something. They were a slightly above average 90s alternative rock band, until the lead dude had a brain hemorrhage and went into a coma and such. I'm slightly excited, actually. I give you Obviously Midnight, which was a MIX TAPE STAPLE back then.

ALSO, I cannot get enough of the new Akron/Family disc Love is Simple, even though I was so meh about their live show. Don't Be Afraid, You're Already Dead has not left my head all week - you've been warned.

ALSO, am I the only one completely underwhelmed by the new PJ Harvey disc?

ALSO, I can't stop playing Tower Bloxx - make sure you play in City Mode to get the full puzzle effect.

I got up, remembering to thank him

Last week Rob and I went to see a whole bunch of bands at Harper's Ferry in Allston. Greg Davis was loud and ambient and hated by everyone except me. Megafun was pretty ignorable - aren't you glad I didn't say "Mega-ignorable". Bob Log III was freaking awesome, as one would expect.

Bob Log III

I had seen him in his previous incarnation Doo Rag like ten years ago. They were fucking nuts. Bob Log the Third's big song is "Boob Scotch", which involves audience participation of ladies stirring his scotch with their boobs. Bob Log the Third's music is kind of loud and painful, since much like Doo Rag, a lot of screaming and banging is involved.

Akron Family

Akron/Family were maybe 50% good. You know what? They started off so beautiful. Backing them onstage were Greg Davis and Megafun. In the live setting it completely made sense as to why Michael Gira works with them so often - Swans-y industrial noise contrasted with a backwoods barefoot Appalachia feel. And then, a drum circle started, it got completely prog-rock, Rob and I got hives and left.

Also, I had been sent the hipster Olympics video and thought it was cute and all, but if you find yourself in Allston on Friday night THAT SHIT IS REAL.