So I can avoid premature ejaculation"

Last week Rob and I went to see a whole bunch of bands at Harper's Ferry in Allston. Greg Davis was loud and ambient and hated by everyone except me. Megafun was pretty ignorable - aren't you glad I didn't say "Mega-ignorable". Bob Log III was freaking awesome, as one would expect.

Bob Log III

I had seen him in his previous incarnation Doo Rag like ten years ago. They were fucking nuts. Bob Log the Third's big song is "Boob Scotch", which involves audience participation of ladies stirring his scotch with their boobs. Bob Log the Third's music is kind of loud and painful, since much like Doo Rag, a lot of screaming and banging is involved.

Akron Family

Akron/Family were maybe 50% good. You know what? They started off so beautiful. Backing them onstage were Greg Davis and Megafun. In the live setting it completely made sense as to why Michael Gira works with them so often - Swans-y industrial noise contrasted with a backwoods barefoot Appalachia feel. And then, a drum circle started, it got completely prog-rock, Rob and I got hives and left.

Also, I had been sent the hipster Olympics video and thought it was cute and all, but if you find yourself in Allston on Friday night THAT SHIT IS REAL.


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