"I have sex, I'm always thinking about the pavement

I'm in this weird "buyers remorse" over the car this week - did I buy too much car for me to handle? I'm trying to cut down on expenses, so I dumped premium cable channels, which didn't really make a difference since I then picked up a World of Warcraft account again. I'm trying not to buy records, but this week there were 3[!] iTunes exclusives I just had to own. Lollapalooza live sets were finally released, and in a way I got lucky - most of what I wanted wasn't released, and the two things I did were pretty cheap EPs - The Polyphonic Spree [4 tracks] and Sparklehorse [3 tracks]. Even if you didn't go there may be stuff there you want.

And this past Tuesday, New Order did an exclusive in the studio thing, re-recording old songs and interviews or whatever - I bought it [duh] but haven't listened to it yet. Ooh, bonus! The trailer for Control, in English finally.

If I was buying more records, I would have bought the new Akron/Family disc - I still might, since I'm going to their show tonight. Greg Davis is playing with them and doing an opening set, which sealed the deal for my attendance. I'm guessing I'll leave there with something.

Also today, Jimmy Eat World pre-sale tickets. I'm in row A of the mezzanine at the Orpheum. That means front row up top, bitches. It's the same week as The Decemberists and Bob Mould - actually they all take place in the space of 4 days. So all the complaining I do about being all kinds of busy with life ain't nothing yet.

ALSO, I won an eBay auction for a copy of Park and Shop. Isn't eBay's new ad campaign freaking brilliant? It IS better when you win it!

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  1. Michael said...
    What car did you buy? I'm shopping. Truth be told I'm ALWAYS shopping, but with more intention now. I should stop. Buyer's-remorse-by-proxy might help met to stop.

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