I'm in Tahoka, now I'm gonna hook up

Rob, Andy, Jen and I went to the big Scarce reunion show last Saturday night and they were pretty good! I took pictures.

Chick Graning
Someone was wearing body glitter

The set was almost entirely old material - I thought there were 2 new songs, but I ran into Drew who cleared it up that one of them was one of Chick's solo tracks. There was no high or low moment that I can think of today.

I bought the Radiohead record for 10 pence. "Buy 5 of our records and get one free" is how I feel about that.

I was all excited for I Love New York 2 and it was slightly disappointing. Although "Sexier than a 10 piece dinner" is totally my new line to get Rob revved up.

Ugh - I can't believe how badly I need a template overhaul. I know I know I know, it's all my own fault for moving back to Blogger and thinking things would be easier but uglier [they are!]


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