I stopped for gas, but where could place be

Two days late, but it's an Alternative Rock Mother's Day Muxtape, inspired by Earfarm and Stacie, who constantly posts keyword iTunes playlists.

So Friday night was the big Swedish Pop show over at the Middle East. There were 192 people there because it was SOLD OUT, and most of them were politely there on time for Anna Ternheim, who was OK. I think a lot of people were there for her because the room started getting thinner as the night went on.

I only knew one or two Lykke Li songs, and thought they were good, but she was quite a different creature live. I was expecting a sad Swedish songstress, and while her songs are sad, her attitude is more like "So fuck it, let's dance". She and her band turned the room into an indie hipster hoe-down rave-up, and it was pretty impressive.

El Perro del Mar started out onstage alone with an acoustic guitar, opening with "Party" and "Dog" before bringing her band on for some of the newer material. While not nearly as slow, quiet and ambient as last year's set at the MFA, she still holds the Twin Peaks Roadhouse stage presence that keeps everything dreamy.

I forgot to bring my camera. The show went very late but it was very good. I would totally go see El Perro del Mar or Lykke Li again, but Anna Ternheim not so much.

Also, there were at least two people there in the packed club who had full on LUGGAGE with them, and it's like what the fuck?


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