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OK so you know how I play World of Warcaft and everything? Sometimes even for entire DAYS like on holiday weekends [SHUT UP]?

All dressed up

Even so, I still consider myself a casual player - I've never really amassed a lot of gold. In the game there's an Auction House which is basically eBay for buying armor and weapons and such where I usually spend what little gold I have. I think maybe once I had like 30 gold.

This is a Disgusting Oozeling. Sometime over the weekend I killed some kind of Ooze, and it droppped a bag, and this was in it. Whatever, it just seemed like trash to me. Monday I went to go sell it at the Auction House, starting it at like 20 silver (100 silver = 1 gold).

Within minutes I started getting "whispers" [in-game instant messages] about it, that people were going to kill themselves over this, so I did some research.

The average price that a Disgusting Oozeling sells for is 447 gold. Easily 10 times more money than I've ever had. I pulled mine off and re-listed it at 447 gold / 900 buy it now. It sold for 480.

I'm so fucking rich in game now - like winning the lottery. And for what? A non-combat pet that actually reduces your defenses when you summon it? It's kind of like a rare Pokemon I suppose. There's like 11 creatures that can drop it. And they will only drop the bag 1% of the time. And the Disgusting Oozeling will only actually be IN the bag 1% of the time. Here are some comments from Thottbot:

Okay, this will not drop for me. I go to WPL every day, and so far I have killed 6750 or so, have a counter. I have gotten 6 epics, (all of them hurricane), over 750g in greens, and over 700g, using AH, from random blues. I will pay 10g for a bag, and 500g plus all my epics that dropped for the pet.

hehe my ex gf loved pets and I love her so...after 3265 kills I got one for her :) goodluck mates it's a bitch to get but well worth it

as of tonight i'm at 1225 tainted ooze kills...
127 greys, 15 greens, 1 blue, and 2 epics have dropped...

and still no disgusting oozeling.

I wasn't even trying, and I almost threw it away. Last night one of my guild members was looking for some Icecap, and I had a stack hanging around so I sent him some. He wanted to tip me for it and I just kind of laughed the way that lottery winners might laugh at 20 dollar bills.

ANYWAY, I finally started a second character this weekend also, so if you've ever wanted to start playing WoW and want to level up with someone you know then go ahead and friend "Slowdive" [I know, right?], an Orc Warrior on the Eredar server.


  1. Stacie said...
    I don't know why, but this:

    "I still consider myself a casual player - I've never really amassed a lot of gold."

    is a very funny sentence. Maybe it's the casual use of the word gold, like you are talking about regular old currency. I don't know. But it made me laugh. Hee hee.
    keith said...
    I imagine most of the entry reads as an alien language to most, actually.

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