Named after the things they replace

Did I tell you I went to the Ladytron show this last Monday? It was pretty awful. There's an awesome review that serves the dual purpose of detailing why the show was awful, along with why I don't ever post anything to forums/flame wars anymore.

We got there early and went in just as Datarock was starting. They were all dressing in their matching tracksuits, and claimed to be from Norway, but I think that might have been an act and they were really from Brooklyn. Most of it was pretty good, kind of cracked out Talking Heads.

The show was sold out and packed everyone in the crowd was really bridge and tunnel. It's been a long time coming that I've wanted to use a sentence like "Listen here you little Mary - don't no one care about you and your interpretive dance" and Monday night almost fulfilled that particular dream. It was just this total - THROWDOWN. At the LADYTRON show. Baby dykes and goths and tweakers and suburban trash and art fags all packed way too tightly together and nobody playing nice with each other and getting thrown out. It was pretty distracting.

But how were Ladytron? OK, I've seen them before and really enjoyed them, but not anymore. It's a personal bias - I don't have the last two albums, and that's where almost all the material was drawn from, except for four songs. So it was just a techno strobe wash of unrecognizable sounds to me.

Would I go see Ladytron again, or even buy one of their records? The answer is No! Ladytron are OVAH.

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  1. Jimmy said...
    Wow. That sounds like an awful time. Ugh.

    But I really enjoyed their show when they played here in Hollywood. I'm not huge on their new album, but they put on a good show.

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