You could really get it on?

My new favorite thing to say is "Taste God, taste God". Whether it's under my breath at the cats or out loud as a curse, I just can't get enough of it. Jameka, you are one of my favorite people this summer!

Even if you are not watching Big Brother, the search phrase "Big Brother Amber Praying" can provide hours of the most fascinating video you will see all summer.

More YouTube? OK! My new favorite person is rankpines49, who dresses up and talks to the camera like little Edie from Grey Gardens. He does a dead-on little Edie impersonation. It's almost relaxing.

No wait, my new favorite person is Brenda Dickson. NO WAIT MY NEW FAVORITE PERSON is the Brenda Dickson parody! Vagine, indeed! Vagine.


sara twirls her vagina cape on the night stage field


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