Have I told ya

So Saturday night was the big show at the Middle East downstairs, with Stereo Total, The Octopus Project and Les Sans Culottes. We got there early for dinner and ate on the upstairs side, where there was some serious dress-to-impress industrial goth action. It was like a school bus dropped them off since they all showed up at once. But that's not the show we went to.

Les Sans Culottes are kind of music collective-y from France. BUT WAIT, not really, they are like from Brooklyn, they just PRETEND to be from France. And that's all I have to say about them [read between those lines!]

The Octopus Project - whoa. What a wonderful surprise. I mean the whole night was a surprise to me since I had only heard of Stereo Total, and was completely unfamiliar with the other acts. The Octopus Project were on the multi-media side with films, stage props and uniforms but the music was so good that I found myself just closing my eyes. The music was so good I went up and bought a record from them after their set. The music was so good it would best be described in BULLET POINTS:

  • Drum and Bass
  • Shoegaze
  • Digital Hardcore
  • Atari Teenage Riot
  • Third Eye Foundation

Seriously, they were awesome, and are coming back to town in both September AND October.

Rob's friend loves Stereo Total, and my friend Bill does too, but Rob and I were pretty unfamiliar with them. Everyone seemed to like them and dance, but I just kind of felt like I was being screamed at by Madame Mouchon, my Catholic grammar school French teacher. I might have been more into it had I not been blown away by The Octopus Project earlier.

I forgot my camera, which is too bad because it was a pretty visually stunning night. Will I try to catch The Octopus Project next month? THE ANSWER IS YES!!


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