I was at an all night diner

It's kind of a slow week for me with the TV and the live music. I am still grooving to "One Ten Hundred Thousand Million" by The Octopus Project, but that's about it. It's why you're about to get some blog love filler, via Homer.

4 people over on that inter-web log-roll that I haven't met, but would like to have dinner with?

Funny, I thought it would be tough coming up with 4 I would want to meet in person, and now I'm already making Sophie's Choice like cuts in my head.

  • Obvs, Jim would be there. I've only meant to fly down for Blowoff since it's inception, so someday I will find out if he smells like hippie.
  • Scott can come to dinner. But he has to bring a hot model.
  • John, as long as he promises to tell a nice detailed version of his Rock and Roll Jeopardy experience.
  • I came *this* close to meeting Bradley a few months ago at the Ben Gibbard show - by the time I had extricated my self from conversation and turned around to say hello and introduce myself he was gone. He can come to dinner if he brings an iPod full of live goodies for me.

There were a whole bunch of people not eligible for this because I've met them. More than I thought. This list includes Sean, Mary, Will, Jeff, Cate, Jeff, Chris, Scott, Stacie, Karl, Sam, Mike and Bob. I'm not linking them all, you can match it up yourself.

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  1. Dumbek said...
    I'm almost afraid you wouldn't like Blowoff now. They've totally dumped the live set. It's basically just a big gay dance party now. The music is a lot better than most circuit-type-dance-party-things, but it's still a lot of gay boys dancing to boomboom music.

    Absolutely worth going to, if you're already here. I'm not sure I'd plan a trip around it now.

    As for me smelling like a hippie - you'll just have to find out for yourself. :)

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