Here's the soon to be anchor

So yeah, on top of everything else, my car kicked the bucket Monday night. It served me well, and it only adds to the list of dating disasters, as I was just able to get it to Rob's place before it died [it was the alternator, an exciting story from my childhood, actually].

The car's not stupid - it knew I had been looking at another one. In it's presence, I had mentioned a sweet 2002 Ford Taurus that was at a dealership just down the street from where I worked. It was still available, so I went in Tuesday morning and bought it. Scary savings-depleting down payment and all. Financing, car payments, alarm systems and warranties. All new to me, so I just kind of smiled. I was offered a test drive, water or coffee while I waited [!]. It all just felt so nicely adult.

So I now drive the most republican looking car ever. People ask what color it is and I say PLAIN. IT IS PLAIN COLORED. 4 doors, leather interior, automatic transmission. Rob found the hidden cup holders in it for me and I squealed.

You know what's not a nice adult feeling? Trying to dispose of a non-working car that's parked illegally. Oh, and CONFIDENTIAL TO! C.T. - a certain insurance agent we know has almost been strangled throughout this whole process. Hopefully it's all set, what with me being in Chicago now and all. There's the issue of the missing title, the issue of the missing license plate, but all that apparently can wait until next week. Mobile Festival Photo Blogging begin - NOW!


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