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I want so badly to believe.

I do! I do wish that Daft Punk had been phenomenal! But really, it was just kind of meh. Bob literally took off five minutes into their set ["Is that all they do?"] to go catch Ben Harper, and even I was wondering if I had made the right choice.

Too tired to dance, I sat down on the grass off to the side, watching the pretty lights and the ravers and the glow sticks and the thumpa thumpa thumpa. It actually did get a little better - my mood had improved, and the pyramid pulled off some pretty awesome lighting effects. However I just can't get past the urban legend that it's not even really them up there - they just hire two actors to put on the robot costumes and rock out for ninety minutes. I mean, they claim to be mixing and playing the music, but it all just sounds pre-recorded, and coincidentally exactly timed to like a billion lighting and video effects. I moved a little closer for the encore and got into it a little bit, but all around it just kind of disappointed me.

Amazingly, Bob and I ran into each other on the way out, blocks before the pre-arranged meetup point.

Saturday morning was cloudy, we bought umbrellas before going in, and I headed over to catch Matt and Kim, mostly due to location. They were - well, kind of like Atom and his Package, which is not what I really wanted on a Saturday morning.

Across the field from them was I'm From Barcelona, yet another music collective, this one from Sweden, where I think the government pays them to do this.

I'm From Barcelona

Balloons, costumes, dancing, crowd surfing - the whole nine yards. I never did count how many of them there were, I think it was over 30. At the time, I really, really enjoyed it [ooh, a song about Chicken Pox? and it's DEEP!], I jumped around and sang, but in retrospect they weren't that memorable. Would I go see them again? THE ANSWER IS PROBABLY NOT!!

Up next is the big old indie rock stage and the biggest disappointment of the entire weekend. TO BE CONTINUED!

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  1. Dumbek said...
    I'm afraid to go see Daft Punk. I've never heard a single person say they were anything short of a life-changing experience, but listening to the sound clips, I just don't get it. "But you have to see them live! Their effects are amazing!" Yeah - I guess. But I like to see performers, you know, actually do something. (shrug)

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