Yeah, yes, yes

You know, I don't think I've ever heard a song by Muse, who were technically the headliners of Lollapalooza on Saturday night.

Bob and I opted to watch Interpol, and I didn't really have high hopes, so in that sense they didn't disappoint. The setlist was good - lots from the first record, and the better tracks from the second and third. Obviously, not a lot to look at - just kind of some flashing lights off in the distance, basically. It was raining off and on but the crowd that remained were really into it. I loved that people were dancing with glow sticks. To Interpol. I know, right?


I'm pretty sure most of the people around me weren't huge Interpol fans - since that stage had hosted jam bands all day, theses people were the leftover crowd. Anyway, they liked it, and got me excited about it too. No expectations, no disappointment.

Sunday it was freaking hot, before we even entered the gates soupy humid hot. I went over for Juliette and the Licks, which is Juliette Lewis. I was really hoping for a total trainwreck, but Bob had seen them open for Chris Cornell and said they were actually pretty good for what they do. But not good enough for him to see them again, and we planned to meet up before Iggy and the Stooges.

Actually, they were pretty good. Not really my thing, the whole trashy bar band rock and roll, but Juliette was definitely doing it well.


I moved to the back partway through because I had forgotten to put sunscreen on and was beginning to sizzle and fry. And it was a good thing I did because she jumped into the crowd for some crowd surfing, and immediately my first thought was what kind of social disease you could pick up from Juliette Lewis. I totally would have dropped her.

I did stay for her whole set before crossing the field for The Cribs, who's song "Men's Needs" will stay in your head FOR DAYS. Plus, the video is totally rated R.

They turned out to be OK live - not really what I wanted on a hot Sunday early afternoon, I just couldn't get into it. It sounded like Blink 182 with a British attitude instead of a SoCal attitude. Not a bad thing.

Did I tell you it was hella hot Sunday? After The Cribs I started making my way over to the other side for Lupe Fiasco. I stopped to pick up more water, more merchandise, and did something I don't think I've done since I was 12, which was take my shirt off in public. Really, it was so hot I did something I haven't done since freaking puberty.

I've been getting tattoos now for almost a year, and the ones that are usually visible don't warrant strangers coming up to me. However the extensive torso and belly work, well, those are pieces people wanted to see. Not really sure how to react to that kind of attention because it's totally what I wanted all along. Nobody cared what it said, they were into the idea that it was there. Will I take my shirt off again in public? THE ANSWER IS PROBABLY NOT!!!


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