Now she doesn't feel lonely but she'd just as soon

I caught the season premiere of Big Love on HBO last night [it was OK - I loves me some Nicki, word]. With my level of cable, one free pay channel package is included, but I almost never watch it. I can switch whenever, and it looks like whenever has arrived.

Balls! Last summer, I was pretty disappointed in the live feeds for a few reasons, one of which is mentioned in the linked article:

...allowing those who stare at tiny windows on their computers for three months to get a three-hour-a-day break...
So here's to watching my DVR fill up three hours at a time.

[In the middle of writing all that, I went to go find pictures of Nicki resulting in me playing the Big Love Board Game online for 20 minutes, which proceeded to crash my browser and then the whole PC.

I love Nicki because we could go compulsive shopping together AND manipulate people in the same afternoon.]


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