Sometimes my feelings get in the way

SO, the big news is I have finally stopped using Patsy to guide me to places that I already know how to get to. For one, it was kind of weirding out passengers, and secondly, Patsy loves driving me through the ghettos of Boston, fancy that.

Anyway, remember how I totally wanted some kind of drag queen voice for it? As it turns out, the voices are pretty easy to record. Once you have the list of commands and file names, it's pretty easy to go at it. Plus, I already know how to use Audacity. So instead of:

# 'RbBack.ogg' => 'Go around the roundabout'
# 'LnRight.ogg' => 'Stay in the right lane'
# 'AhLeftTurn.ogg' => 'Left turn ahead'

I can record

# 'RbBack.ogg' => 'Hold on gurrrrl - there's a circle of death comin' up'
# 'LnRight.ogg' => 'I told you to keep right!!'
# 'AhLeftTurn.ogg' => 'OH MARY! Turn your clicker on, we're gonna make a left!'

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  1. Huntington said...
    I picture Patsy as this slightly slutty, slightly druggy wild girl who likes to go bad places to do bad things. I've known a few Patsys in my time.

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