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Continuing my latest obsession of cataloging and reviewing all of the records that I buy this year, two weeks ago saw new releases from American Music Club and Mike Doughty.

Because I've only named this web-log and bought a domain based on American Music Club songs, I should be all over this. It's certainly not bad. But it's got me thinking about the whole "American Music Club" mark II phase they're in, which sadly, isn't a phase at all. I mean, when Spinal Tap went all jazz odyssey at least it was different. The latest two AMC records have unfortunately drifted in and out of my speakers and I've barely even noticed. For that matter, I barely even noticed that half the band had changed for this record. I mean, if you're going to replace half your band, I think you'd at least want to bring in new sounding blood, and not just replacements for the old blood. Still going to the show though.

Can I tangent strangely here for a moment? Back in the mid nineties, and I'm not going to place this in context, my friend Maura gave one of the most brilliant arguments against killing yourself that I still hold dear to today:
But what if Ride makes another record...and it's good?
It's kind of my exact sentiments about American Music Club.

Remember when I subscribed to eMusic? Yeah, those were good months. One of the things I picked up was an exclusive live recording by Mike Doughty, and on one song he riffs right into American Music Club's Firefly. The new Mike Doughty record? Probably his best yet - certainly his best solo outing. The recipe didn't change but it just tastes better this time.

OK, "Fort Hood", "More Bacon Than The Pan Can Handle" and "Navigating the Stars at Night" are actually downright amazing. Stacie and I already have our front row mezzanine tickets - she has promised to embarrass me and I can only hope she makes a banner to hang off of the balcony.

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  1. Stacie said...
    I am *so* making a banner. And I am going to scream like a teenage girl at a Beatles concert. And I'm going to bake him cookies, and throw flowers, and hang out, creepily, by the stage door and then be too overwhelmed to say anything to him and just stand there dumbly. Aren't you glad I have a plan? Planning is important.

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