If you stand in a circle

Another busy week where only a million things happened. OK, nothing happened. Can you tell this web-log is winding down?

ANYWAY, last Friday Rob suggested we check out Caspian playing at The Middle East Downstairs, and after concerns about weather and etc. I finally just said YES! THAT SOUNDS LIKE AN EXCELLENT IDEA BOYFRIEND SINCE THERE HAVE BEEN NO SHOWS TO ATTEND TO IN FEBRUARY!!1!!

Oh my God. Can I even begin how amazing they were? The crowd was full of awful children, but luckily Caspian were Loud. However, it was a Post-rock Loud, so there were some quiet moments where all you could hear was your average Friday night bar conversations and sounds instead of the music. A little irritating, but what an awesome find. I bought a T-Shirt AND a CD [I know!]. A++, Power Rockers!

Monday, Nine Inch Nails released a new record [What WHAT?] internet only like Radiohead. Once the server load calmed down, I was able to get Ghosts I-IV sometime on Tuesday. It's 36 instrumental tracks. It's a bit much. It's all very sketchey and demoey. They're all good - there's just no...story? Cohesion? I mean, if you took all of the interludes from The Fragile [and these are SO like The Fragile's interludes] and put them together, does that make it a good record? THE ANSWER I THINK IS NO!!1!!. REQUIRES FURTHER LISTENING.

Go Away White is just god-damned brilliant. Puts Interpol and Editors and Bloc Party RIGHT back in their place. Seriously - I had SUCH low expectations for this. I figured it would be a dramatic Love and Rockets record - but it really just picks up from 4AD's In The Flat Field. It doesn't even sound like they're trying and it's white hot.

Finally, The Gutter Twins. Oh my God. Do you know what this record feels like? It would be like if I smacked Rob around, then left him, then crawled back to him through glass to beg his forgiveness, only to have him kick me to the curb, fetal, bleeding and sobbing. Greg Dulli and his dirty white boy soul combined with Mark Lanegan's Whiskey for the Holy Ghost - HOW COULD THIS NOT SLAY ME??!!?!?!?


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  1. Dumbek said...
    Not that there's anything wrong with Love and Rockets...

    Glad to hear the Bauhaus record is good. I've only heard one song. It didn't exactly blow me away, but I heard it at about 4am after drinking for about 6 hours (Rich to played it as the last song at Blowoff one night) - so I'll admit my judgement was a bit shaky, at best. I'll add it to my list.

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