Sometimes I'm angry that I feel so angry

So have you heard that Kristin Hersh is only making the best record ever? I'm not talking about the CASH pay what you want scheme for the new material but her 10-4 You project - for fifty bucks she'll record 10 songs of your choosing live to tape with a personalized intro.

You know, at first I thought $50 was pretty outrageous, but once I thought about it, I realized it's actually a fucking steal. My initial list of favorites is now being reworked into a list of favorite rarities that don't get played live often, if at all.

Seriously, I'm dreaming of other artists at a similar career level [are you listening Bob Mould? Mark Eitzel?] that I would pay to record some tracks for me. What Kristin needs to do is spread the word if this works out for her. Is what she needs to do.


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