Sometimes all I really want to feel is love

Pornography or music, pornography or music. I can't decide what to write about. Oh yes I can.

I picked this up the day it was released - I've listened to it a few times now. I mean really sit down and listened to it. Or had it on in shuffle in the background.

So. Generic. HOWEVER, I assure you I am still very excited about seeing him live next month.

I am not seeing Hot Chip live in April unless the show is moved to a larger venue, since it sold out in days. But the record? I picked up "The Warning" on a whim a few months ago and love it. This one isn't nearly so instantly infectious. The title track is just gorgeous, but I haven't really checked the rest of it out as much as I'd like.

Boston's really feeling the crunch of losing Avalon finally. Most shows are going to the much smaller Paradise, which is great - I just can't put off ticket purchases anymore since things are selling out there quicker and quicker as larger and larger acts are booked there.

Can I tell you a secret? My TomTom arrived Monday and I immediately loaded the imitation Patsy voice onto it and it's OK. It's nice to have a campy new tech toy, basically, but Patsy's pretty insistent on me taking Route 9 to work when I know for a fact that the Mass Pike is way quicker...


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