No way, no way, no way, that's right

So have you heard about the new Big Brother season yet? Anyway, it's like 16 strangers who the producers matched up as soulmates, probably based on the eHarmony quiz, but whatever. They're totally lying because two of them are already dating. I mean, they weren't even trying to hide it.

I was wrong about who the homos are. One of them is Joshuah, who only has the best bio ever:

He says he was a gay man who played straight growing up, playing football and having long term relationships with women. Things changed when he slept with his sister's cheerleading coach--ruining her cheering career--and claims that his family has never forgiven him.
I can't get enough of that. Seriously - I want every graphic detail.

A lot of the people on Big Brother have Myspaces. Remember that guy James I thought was gay? Anyway, here's from his myspace blog post titled "Drag, Gays, Tarantino":
11:20pm the clock blinked red, perfect time for the gay bar, as men tend to fuck, jack off, and or put fancy clothes on before going out....I mean there is dinner but thats so 97'. Once we get to the bar the Tranny at the door welcomes us with a disgusting glare. they tend to be territorial.
There's also lots of pictures of him in his underwear in his profile, which sounds hot but I assure you that actually, it isn't. WINTER OF THE COUGAR!!11!


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