Here's the second record on the countdown without an Amazon link: "The Line Between Myth And Reality Has Always Been In Finland" by Antennas to Heaven.

Remember when Myspace was cool? ANYWAY, when I first signed up I think this was probably the first band that wanted to be my friend! I felt pretty special that a band would look me up and ask to be friends.

Of course, hundreds of other bands followed. And they were all crappy. Except Antennas to Heaven, who are pretty amazing. Shoegaze, Mogwai-ish and of course, they've taken their name from a Godspeed You! Black Emperor record title. I've bought both their records on iTunes - and thank you iTunes. Really - so much easier to get indie music. Sometimes.

However my copy is thusly DRMed and I don't feel like unDRMing it, so Myspace is streaming tracks to give you an idea of what I found dreamy this year.


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