A memo left on the forehead of God

You like that? The boyfriend sent that to me last night after we got back from the screening of Heima at the Kendall Square cinema.

How was it? I think it was a solid five. The first fifteen minutes and the last fifteen minutes were really amazing. The middle hour? Not as much. I mean, it was real pretty and mellow, but concert films can be tough. I'm real glad I saw it in a theater - I wouldn't have had the attention span to watch it at home. Plus, it looked and sounded pretty great there, way better than in my living room.

The whole concept of the film was about how they decided to play a bunch of free shows in remote areas of Iceland where people don't get out much. In like fields, caves, and abandoned factories. So now you know what I mean when I say it looked and sounded amazing.

Would I go see the movie again? Sure! A++! Would I buy the DVD? THE ANSWER IS NO, I DON'T OWN A HOME THEATER!!!


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