The last few times Boards of Canada released records, the internet [a series of tubes] went insane with praise. I jumped on board probably about a year ago when I picked up Music Has the Right to Children. It falls into the above-average techno jandra, along with IDM [intelligent dance music].

You know what's really sweet about my relationship with Boards of Canada? I've only heard this record. If and when I ever get tired of it, there are many others I can immediately pick up for a new fix. Usually, if I'm all obsessed with an artist I have their entire discography so when I want something new by them, I'm out of luck. I think there's enough BoC backlog to carry me for years.

As with most instrumental records, my brain's not so good with linking songs with titles, so I link Roygbiv just because it's got the highest playcount.


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