Making better views and close relaxing sounds

You know, only because it's just about that time of year anyway.

My Wish List

Plus, more and more of my meat friends are reading here nowadays - remember years ago when weblogs were strictly for weblog friends?

And actually, there's a lot of rare/OOP stuff on there I'm more than willing to trade for. As long as I have something you want. But not my milkshake.


  1. Michael said...
    I swear to Bob that I had never heard the term "meat friends" until just now. It took me a second!

    I dropped by to wish you look on BIG BROTHER. They have a casting call here in Columbus, but I'm like Chicken George OLD and kind of Bunky weepy, and I don't think I could handle being picked apart mercilessly by the blog world.

    Again, good luck!
    keith said...
    Big Brother 9 = SECRET BLOGGER ALLIANCES. That would be a pretty awesome twist. You can totally be my secret blogger alliance in the house.

    Funny, my first concern was that I'm kind of "Bunky hairy".
    Michael said...

    I'm in.

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