Town hasn't moved but's getting closer, losing ground

So last night was the big Bob Mould show at the Paradise Lounge. Rob and I got there about 8:20, and the room was almost full. OK, actually it was full - of folding chairs, which seemed really out of place. I'd never been in the small room before, only the 'main' room [where BLUES TRAVELER were playing - FOR REALZ there were hippies and concealed weapons everywhere]. It was probably the size of the Middle East upstairs only laid out better, unless you fill the floor with folding chairs, then it just kind of sucks.

We were able to find two chairs at the back, and hoped for an 8:30 start, which we didn't get. Instead, I had Bob standing directly behind me, silently, for like 10 minutes which kind of creeped me out and killed any snark I had left.

Additionally, although it was never confirmed, I'm pretty sure "District Line" was playing before the show, adding "listening party" to the night's activities [I couldn't really hear much over the crowd].

Bob came on at 9 and played for over an hour, and you know what? It was really pretty awesome. I burned out on his whole solo-acoustic back in the 90's ["If I never hear 'Wishing Well' again it will be too soon" I could be heard slurring sometime in 1995], but at least last night's rendition had been slowed down some from the assault I remember it being. "No Reservations" still makes me all sad and chunky inside. "Circles" actually sounded pretty amazing acoustic.

I thought it was pretty impressive that a scheduled 30 minute set turned into a 65 minute set. The "Q & A" had been abandoned, because really, he's kind of an open book. He bantered a bit about the new record, and you know what? I think the only thing that bummed me out all night was when he felt the need to immediately qualify to the crowd "Don't worry, it's guitars". Because personally, I think he's pretty much been writing the same song on the guitar for only like 25 years now. Because personally, I find his electronic and pop experiments only a million times more interesting and listenable than the same recycled 4 minute alternative rock songs.

And I guess that actually was my impression of the new stuff - sounds like Body of Song, which sounds like Dog and Pony Show, which sounds like Sugar, which sounds like his solo stuff, which sounds like Husker Du.

After the set he started the DVD and sat out back selling and signing. I bought one and said hey and then Rob and I left [I figured I could watch it at home, and was real glad to make it an early night]. I didn't take pictures because I didn't feel like it.

At the end of it all, Bob gets an A++ for putting on a really nice, relaxed and informal show and sticking around to sell stuff after. It made me nostalgic for the nineties. And even though I've seen him play a billion times, would I go back again? THE ANSWER IS YES!!!


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