Ground sure don't like the way it's treated so now

So last night was the big Jimmy Eat World show at the Orpheum. It was pretty OK, I suppose - I mean they played good songs well. I had excellent seats - front and center mezzanine.

Jimmy Eat World 024

The mezzanine at the Orpheum was as nice as I remembered it from when I sat there for Massive Attack [get it?]. However, kids were not jumping up and down for Massive Attack like they were last night, and the whole thing shakes and sways and for the first few songs I thought I was going to die. Then I realized at least I wasn't sitting underneath.

The whole night for me had this overwhelming air of sadness. I had pretty much asked everyone in my phone and email to go with me and everyone said no, except for John, who canceled a few hours before. I couldn't sell the ticket so I just went in alone, which doesn't bug me at all in clubs, but freaks the hell out of me in theaters.

Jimmy Eat World 008

They played "Goodbye Sky Harbor" and "Disintegration" and really, what more could you ask for in a Jimmy Eat World set. It was almost exactly 90 minutes. Still, I mostly felt sorry for myself that no one I know would even want to spend 90 minutes hanging out with me at a show. Terminal uniqueness, I know. I also kept wishing Sam was there since he probably would have enjoyed it.

ANYWAY, the point of the story is that the show was pretty good, I had an OK time. Would I go see Jimmy Eat World again? THE ANSWER IS ONLY IF IT WAS GENERAL ADMISSION!!!


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