It's moving back to the sea

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YO - it's cute and all, but when I went to copy/paste the HTML, there was a lot of "crap" embedded - you know, awful keywords and URLs to take out before sharing the results with all of you here.

My car is still in the body shop. I had rental insurance and the agency dumped a 2008 Ford F150 onto me ["We'll waive the gas! FREE GAS PLEASE TAKE THIS TRUCK OFF OUR HANDS."].

Really? To cruise around Dorchester in? It was funny for about five minutes and THEN I HIT SOMEONE. It was kind of funny to call them back 10 minutes later to let them know it wasn't going to work out, do they have anything smaller [they didn't] - and that I had already gotten into an accident with it. It was not kind of funny because the last thing I needed at this point was more insurance paperwork to do. I'm in a Ford Focus now. I think it's the car I should have bought last summer.

Also, I got all obsessed again with The Other Family.

You've been warned.

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  1. Michael said...
    POSTgrad! Mazel tov. I'm content/vocabulary is decidedly more remedial.

    The Other Family. I'm speechless. Thankfully, there's email, so I can still spread the word.


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