A guy comes up, looking pretty 8-ball

So last weekend was the big Underworld show at the Bank of America Pavillion. Rob and I went, and I danced and took pictures and ran into friends.


I had bought the good GA tickets when they went on sale. Armed with glow-sticks [really], we showed up sometime during John Digweed's set I texted Lollapalooza Bob and we hung out at the back, who said that basically what we were hearing had been going on for like 40 minutes without changing, and we hadn't missed anything.

Promptly at 9, Underworld brought it. Karl was glittery, MMMSkyscraper, I Love You was swirling. The GA area was actually nice - not too crowded and most people there seemed more into the band than dancing. I was able to get up real close.

I'm normally not a fan of the blurry rock pic, but there's something about this one that I like

Teddy was there ravin' away. I had this weird moment where someone is standing next to you, and fifteen minutes later you recognize them but by then it feels too weird to say hi - that was with Aaron.

The set list was pretty good - hits [Pearl's Girl!] with a few new tracks. Crocodile sounded better live. The lights and video were good - the stage?


Halfway through the show during Two Months Off everything got all Superman's Palace inflated and lit up. It was kind of Spinal Tap at first - I thought they were supposed to be vertical columns, and nobody could see anything when they were lying on their side. The whole thing was kind of there so Karl could take a break - some random instrumentally beats went on for like ten minutes and then they were deflated, and he was back for a second half.

Also, Rob and I were on JUMBOTRON near the end of Two Month's Off, which made me feel like I needed to do goofy shit for the camera.


They played a solid 2 hours and it was way better than last time I saw them, but that's because I remember being seriously fucked up for that show. It also reminds me that with Avalon closing I should list everything I've seen there, but not today. The T-Shirts were overpriced, however after the show I followed some texting directions and got a link to pre-order the new CD and a T-shirt for $5 less than just a shirt at the venue.


Would I go see Underworld again? THE ANSWER IS MOST DEFINITELY!!!

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  1. Will said...
    Hi Keith,
    Saw that Oct. was coming up and thought I would say hi from Durham, nc! Good here hope all is well with you.

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