Breathing up the oxygen

Did you see it? It was pretty awesome. Can I tell you a secret? I fucking watched it twice. Here's a bulleted list of my 3 favorite moments:

  • Of course - Tyra's entrance. She did this full-on drag queen number with feathers and boy backup dancers and everything, all as the girls screamed in horror.
  • One of the hopefuls pretended to give Tyra a bikini wax. She kind of has no shame left.
  • NO BUT WAIT - she pushed another girl into talking about her childhood, the one where she was molested and raped. Then she cut her.
  • OK THERE WERE 4 MOMENTS but this was recycled from every cycle, as Tyra calls the names of the final 13 and as the numbers dwindle the girls not yet called get wound up into all kinds of hysterics.

It just gets freakier and freakier every cycle. Additionally, she made sure the girl with Asperger's Syndrome made the final 13.

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  1. Homer said...
    Cheapblueguitar Brian called me last night and his observations matched yours almost exactly!!!

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