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So last Sunday I went to IKEA with Rob, randomly buying 2 cereal bowls, a pillow and only the WARMEST BLANKET EVER. However, the Sunday before that was HOMO DAY at Six Flags New England.


Playing cruise director for this every year - I'm so over it. By the time Sunday rolled around the few people that said they would go had bailed. It can be so hard getting people out of the city. Dave and I drove out, with plans to meet up with Bill when we got there.

Keith and Dave

OK, mostly, the day felt like getting raped. In the wallet. As a new car owner, these kind of financial events are more noticeable. It cost $15 to park said car. It cost $35 to get into the park, which isn't too awful, I suppose. Dave wanted to get the A++ FIRST CLASS LINE SKIPPER BOT, and all I really wanted out of the day was to ride Catapult and Superman, so we compromised, and got the A++ FIRST CLASS LINE SKIPPER BOT, which cost us each more than our park entrance fee. However, it was true, we never had to wait in line.


We went on Colossus, Catapult, Time Warp, Pandemonium and Flashback within like the space of an hour. Then I felt really really really sick. If you don't wait in lines between rides and give yourself time to re-adjust, well, it's bound to make one a little green. A $5 cup of ice cream later and a bit of walking and I was ready for Batman and Stampede Bumper Cars.


Then it was $12 chicken nuggets, and Dave wanted to ride Scream, which I won't do for love or money. Through the magic of text messaging we had managed to work out meeting up with Bill & Co. just as they were getting onto Superman. Then we all went on Batman, and waited in line for it because I want to be social more than I wanted to go on Batman again.

Superman Bill

Dave wanted to go on Superman once more before leaving so we separated and did, and then it was time to leave. The parking lot was awful and the traffic home took almost 3 hours. As for the homos, it was OK. Every year I go hoping for platform shoes and glitter and assless chaps, and every year it's just the most suburban people ever. It's basically 8,000 young bois in Abercrombie and Fitch T-shirts and 2,000 nasty bears. And by nasty I mean the snotty cliquey kind who somehow think they're better than everyone else for being fat and hairy, not the good kind of nasty. However - added bonus this year? I'm pretty sure I saw a gay gang. FOR REALZ. They looked all thug life from a distance, but you got closer and saw they were wearing matching airbrushed rainbow pride shirts.

Cyclone and Pandemonium

Plus, I don't know the story but some queen was about ready to CUT the girl behind the flash pass counter at the end of the day when we were returning ours. The trip to the amusement park is not complete until someone throws a temper tantrum!!!


  1. eicats said...
    You're awesome. This made me laugh out loud. I was *incensed* about the $15 for parking. WTF? How can they charge for something that is 100% necessary? How else are people supposed to get there if they don't drive? And shouldn't parking be *included* since it's a given you have to drive to get there? This just made no sense to me and really just seemed mean-spirited and greedy, to charge $15 for parking. $5, maybe. But $15? I'm all in favor of capitalism but the $15 parking fee is what I think will keep me from ever going back to 6Flags.
    Anonymous said...
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