I've changed my mind so much I cant even trust it

I give up. I'm just watching YouTube the rest of the afternoon.

Labia of Steel, via. I didn't just gasp, I shrieked.

Believe it or not, due to scheduling conflicts I haven't seen any of this season's Simpsons, so I missed the World of Warcraft episode. In related news, I canceled my WoW account two months ago since I wasn't playing anymore.

In related news, JUST LAST NIGHT I was talking about To Catch A Predator, and today Drew has Charles the Predator. Bonus vid? Comb Your Beard is strangely erotic to me.

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  1. Dumbek said...
    I can't stop watching that "Labia of Steel" video. After maybe my 10th time, I still find myself wincing in sympathetic pain. So awesome.

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