My mind changed me so much I cant even trust myself

I usually don't jump onto things like this, but Stereogum has assembled? arranged? compiled? what looks to be a pretty amazing tribute to Radiohead's OK Computer featuring some of my favorite bands - The Twilight Sad [Climbing Up The Walls], David Bazan [Let Down], Doveman [Airbag]. Some bands I know about - My Brightest Diamond [Lucky], Cold War Kids [Electioneering], John Vanderslice [Karma Police]. Some bands that will be new to me - as I type this up I'm getting a little chubby - I'd pay for this, and it's free and legal.

Found, oddly enough, via. I don't even read Stereogum, are you shocked?

In other news, The Twilight Sad are playing in Somerville next week. And as it turns out, independently both Rob and I had planned on going. Rob is the 'missed connection' from the Psychic TV show a month or so ago, also inspiring the latest batch of .mp3s in the, uh, "indie rock make-out song" series. Today's? Beetlebum [live] from Blur. Indie rock make-out party, indeed.

In other news, *sigh*. Dog fucks baby. In the Ass. I can't even begin, however I do recommend reading the comments with the story.


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