Looking kind of anxious in your cross armed stance

Do you live in the Boston area? Then let me be your guest. It takes 2 seconds to enter this Wilco contest and if you win, I can go with you. I know I'm already seeing them in Northampton, but I wouldn't turn down checking out the soundcheck for Boston. I guess I'm just greedy.

In other music news, did you see The 4400 last night? Not only did TV on the Radio get soundtrack placement, they got a shout out in the script ["TV on the Radio is your new favorite band. You worship them"]. However, we hate USA for running their programming off by a minute to screw with recorders. So juvenile.

In other music news - the new Shellac long player = STAR STAR STAR STAR STAR. That's 5 stars. Out of five. I didn't even know I liked Shellac! I do like that Fugazi/Helmet post-hardcore sound, so it only makes sense.


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