Like a bad tempered prom queen at a homecoming dance

In other music news, it looks like the "TBA" slot on Sunday's Lollapalooza schedule might have been announced as The Go Team!, which is A++ in my book. It completes my day. Wait, it's already been proven false.

ANYWAY, I don't need any specific help with my Sunday scheduling. I'll get there early for Juliette and the Licks, only because that had got to equal train wreck. There's a little bit of time then before Lupe Fiasco [will Kanye guest? WHO CAN SAY] plays, at the same time as Smoosh, Amy Winehouse and The Black Angels. Nice. Then Iggy [please don't play new stuff] and the Stooges appear nicely without conflict, like an oasis. Our second Sophie's choice is Yo La Tengo [wow, that's some classic ugly myspace!] at the same time as !!! and Peter Bjorn and John. Why is it every B-list act I wanted to check out is playing the same day, at the same time?

The night ends for me with Modest Mouse, then some TV on the Radio. But what about the headliners of this three day extravaganza?

Should I stick around for Pearl Jam
As if
Pearl Jam suck
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The point of the story is in August I'm going to Chicago for three days to see a ton of OK bands, and a few really good ones.


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