Oh noose tied myself in, tied myself too tight

What is WRONG with me that I'm only learning of this today?

"`I swear that I don't have a gun' — I mean, what's the meaning of that?" Goldman gripes, quoting Nirvana.
Must. See. Perform. Now.


  1. Dumbek said...
    That's gonna be us someday.
    Greg said...
    Hey, i'm just now learning of it because you only learned of it today!
    I say, after having watched both Y@H and Coldplay's versions of "Fix you", it takes on a whole different meaning when Y@H sings it. Totally different. I'm sending the link to my mother because I KNOW it will make her cry.
    Anonymous said...



    Love, Sam
    keith said...
    Is it awful that I was too lazy to search for these myself over the weekend? I really wanted to see them, but could not even bring myself to getting to YouTube and searching for them, preferring to wait until I stumbled across a hyperlink directing me directly there. Thanks darlin'!

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