Then turns to sunlight

So amongst everything else, did I tell you I found a new favorite band? Listening to all that unknown Lollapalooza crap [you can thank me later for not informing you of what I thought of every band] I found a beautiful gem in Colour Revolt.

A few weeks ago I put on the tracks I had grabbed on the commute home from work, and within the first few seconds, I turned to my imaginary carpooler Ed and said in my best Demi Moore voice with tears welling up - "I never thought I be so tired at 23".

Anyway, that's exactly how their music feels to me. [myspace streams, hype machine downloads]

In other music news - that Mogwai soundtrack for Zidane? Yeah - there was a reason it was taking it's sweet time being released in this country and the answer is it blows. By Mogwai standards, that is.


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