He realizes and itemizes

All I got today is an event and a story:

Is It Really So Strange is a movie about Morrissey, which normally would bore me to tears - however, the film focuses in on one of the most fascinating aspects of the crooner - the absolute idol worship he gets from Latino's in East LA [apparently he's bigger than Jesus there]. Screens tomorrow for free, my Boston peeps.

Remember how last weekend I went to the Indian casino and came home with some $$? Monday night I was grocery shopping and went past all the braces by the pharmacy, and entered the most bizarre logic zone when trying to decide if I should get a new brace for my painful wrist disease. Like, trying to justify spending the $12.99.

Of course I just got the damn thing [the old one was pretty skanky], which immediately kicked off a whole new shame spiral where I realized that at the age of 36, I spend my "mad money" on new orthopedic braces. Kind of like how last Friday night my roommate and his boyfriend came home to find me watching National Bingo Night on the couch with a quilt over my head. Classy.

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  1. RSL said...
    For reals, the watching Nat'l Bingo Night is _way_ sadder than any amount of orthotics. I can't fathom why someone would watch that show. What's the draw? I'm being real not [just] being snarky. ;)

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