She ionizes and atomizes

So last Saturday was the big dance-pop show down at Mohegan Sun. Village People were putting on a free show for the casino set. Admittedly, I didn't really care very much about Village People, I just wanted to gamble and figured it would sweeten the pot for whoever I would drag along on the road trip.

John and I got there around 3, and he doesn't even really gamble [weird, I know], so he opted to watch me/bring me luck instead. I rolled dice for 2 hours before we went to dinner. It went well.

The whole Wolf's Den thing means you have to start lining up around 6PM if you want to get a seat, apparently. We got in and seated a little before 7, and it was just weird, I tell you. No platform shoes or glitter or drag queens or ANYTHING - it was all grandmas. We were seated at a table with Pat and Joan and a kind of sleazy looking married couple. The show started promptly at 8, because the Village People are hella-old by now and probably have to be in bed by 10.

The show itself was pretty predictable, well, other than the crowd which included some kind of bachelorette party. You know, the whole Village People thing is all pretty common knowledge to me at this point - but now I'm not so convinced that the rest of America gets it, wink wink. For reals, the ladies LOVE the Village People. Is it like a Chippendale thing? But they're not taking their clothes off. I'm pretty sure it was that Sex Over The Phone video that did it.

I took some pictures but they didn't really come out, as usual, but more on that in a sec. I like this shot, because Joan [lower right] has her fingers in her ears because it's too loud:

Here's Joan [in the fuscia] working her YMCA:

Pat and Joan, talking about the nice Indian boy:

John asked what I was going to do with the money I won and I didn't know. I had just assumed I would put it in the bank, but now I've pretty much sealed buying a new camera.

After it ended all the grammas and grampas went back to their slot machines. I gave the casino a little of it's money back and then we went home. Would I go see Village People again? THE ANSWER IS ODDS ON 6 PLEASE I MEAN PROBABLY NOT.


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