I'm going nowhere, but I'm guaranteed to be late

So on Friday night I took Rob to a MYSTERY SPOT. Have you ever just put someone in the car and not told them where they are going? It is pretty awesome.

Carnival 001

Earlier in the week I had passed by a carnival in Revere, and even though it was raining and cold, I still decided to drag my boyfriend there, whether he wanted to or not. As we approached and the ferris wheel was off in the distance, I told him that at the very least, we could take sad carnival pictures in the rain.

Carnival 006

It was pretty desolate, especially for a Friday night. The carnies were hungry and barked at us along the midway. I got completely suckered into throwing darts at balloons, resulting in my winning Rob a tiny stuffed snake.

Carnival 005

I was absolutely dying to ride the Zipper, however Rob said we should work up to it and start with the Tilt-a-Hurl.

Carnival 010

The Tilt-a-Whirl was 4 ride tickets, and made me SO GODDAMMED SICK I had to sit down with my head between my knees for 5 minutes afterwards. I'm pretty sure that has officially killed my ability to ride amusements for the rest of my life.

Carnival 013
[Five minutes later I was green]

Cold soda and Fried Dough helped with the tummy trouble, and we used up our remaining ride tickets on the thrill less, however indoor, Haunted Mansion.

Carnival 015

One of the points of this story is that Rob photographs REALLY poorly. He told me this and I laughed it off as some kind of insecurity, but it's true! 9 months of trying and I have YET to take a picture that captures him, it's impossible.

Carnival 017

We hung out by the Sea Dragon because it was BLARING this really gay club music, while some queen rode it by himself and the ride operator just kind of tweaked around dancing.

Carnival 019

Do you know what the highlight of the carnival was? Lance motherfucking Gifford. Again. This time is wasn't so much gay as it was David Lynch. OK I'm lying - it was totally flaming. At one point one of the birds flew off into the Tilt-a-Whirl, and during another part the Thunder Bolt ride to our right had all sorts of strobes and screaming and sirens bleeding into his act, so it really was like Twin Peaks for a few minutes. Plus, only 4 people were watching.

Carnival 025

After 10 minutes he announced out of nowhere that the stage was wet and he couldn't do any more tricks, and he and Jarrod left. I think they were in their trailer with wood paneling, eating Ramen Cup-O-Soups and reading bible passages to each other, but that's just me fantasizing about sad magicians again.

Carnival 030

I assure you, it was a beautiful night.


  1. Stacie said...
    "sad carnival pictures in the rain" sounds like the title of a red house painters song. :)
    keith said...
    Jesse said...
    Aww, I don't know you, just came over from a random scan of Universal Hub. I totally tried to hint to my BF that I want to go to a carnival... I hope it works, haha.
    Anyway, about the "not photographing well" thing... personally, I think he looks good. I think it was an honest shot and it shows through, but I'm sort of weird like that.
    Looks like a fun time, either way! :)
    Rhea said...
    God, I love carnivals. That looks like a lot of fun.
    keith said...
    Aw, thanks - he looks so much better in person.

    It was fun! Just wish it had been less rainy :)
    Fornya said...
    The Zipper is the most ridiculous ride ever invented. I swear it must've been invented by the devil himself. I wouldn't get on that thing with a gun at my head. Thanks, I'd rather get the bullet.

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