I spent the same 18 hours in the same damn place

So last Saturday was the big Post Rock show down in Providence RI. Explosions in the Sky played with Lichens, who I learned is actually one of the guys from TV on the Radio.

We go to Lupo's around 6:30, and you know what? It's not the old Lupo's, it's actually The Strand, renamed! Not only did I come this close to getting thrown out of a Cranberries show there [SHUT UP], but I also damn near got my friend Isaac beat up there at a Sugar show. The 1990s. Good times.

ANYWAY, Lichens [Rob Lowe, the bass player from TVOTR] came on about 7:10 and immediately went into his best Michael Brook impersonation by playing a 20 minute infinite guitar piece. It was pretty good.

EitS came on a little after 8 and they were good. I don't know, maybe I'm burning out on the whole instrumental post-rock. I spent a good portion of the show wondering when Mogwai was going to tour again.

Explosions in the Sky 018

I took pictures even though I was a bit of a ways back, and there wasn't much light. Mostly it was to get back into the swing of taking photos at shows again.

Personally, the only thing I found awful was their lack of encore. OKOKOK, I understand not wanting to encore, that's not the point of the story. But to come out and just get really asshatty pretentious about it ["we put all our love into that set"] had me laughing. And it's not like they even played an unusually long set or anything - they just about broke an hour.

And while it didn't bother me, I know there's lots of hate going on about the crowd, the "new" fans due to Friday Night Lights and WHATEVER. At least they were all polite and clean. It just felt so suburban.

ANYWAY, I also updated the muxtape to keep with the shows I'm going to theme, not the shows I went to.


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