Such a classic excuse it should be bronze by now

I went to see Blonde Redhead Sunday and I didn't recap it yesterday because it was pretty disappointing. I had pretty high hopes - their Lollapalooza set last summer really impressed me, and it's been so long since there's been anything worth going out for that I didn't mind venturing out on a Sunday night.

The best part turned out to be the opening band School of Seven Bells, which made me feel all 1992. Blonde Redhead came on about 9:20 and it was sold out. I know I should talk about the band and not the crowd, but unfortunately we were packed in right by the kid who smelled like vomit, and the kid who ripped real eye-watering farts all night. I lasted about 15 minutes before making Rob switch places with me, and 15 minutes later we just retreated to the back of the club for the rest of the show.

The band? The rocking, upbeat stuff is great live - but that only accounted for maybe a third of the set. The rest of the lazy dream-pop that works so well on record just did not translate live for me. And now that I think of it, their set at Lollapalooza was a straight forward hour of rock, which is why it impressed me then. Would I go see Blonde Redhead again? THE ANSWER IS PROBABLY NOT AS A HEADLINER, BUT DEFINITELY AS AN OPENING ACT!!!1!

I took pictures, but I'm too lazy/busy to get them off my camera today.


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