And round, and round, and round, and round,

I'm still pretty busy at work this month but there were two anticipated records that came out this week:

Since "Will You Find Me", Ida's records have just been all peaks and valleys for me - two or three absolutely amazing songs, and then a bunch of filler. Of course, Ida's filler is still pretty darn good. The new record kind of returns to the feel of their earlier records - every song is a solid 3 or 4 stars. Nothing jumps out and says "Listen to me over and over again and cry". Nothing jumps out and says "Skip to the good song". I'm really happy with it - a little too "folk-pop" and not enough "sadcore", but what a great consistent, solid collection.

The most over-hyped record of the year. Absolutely shitty generic indie rock [Pitchfork is lying to you] that borders on crappy Paul Simonish adult contemporary. Maybe I will change my mind someday, but probably not for a few years at least.


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