So I'm sitting at work in New England, waiting for the snow to fall so I can go home and watch it while listening to Sigur Ros.

No, really.

Anyway, I only recently learned that the songs on () actually have titles. My favorite song on the record is no longer "Untitled 3", but "Samskeyti". Coincidentally, a live acoustic version of Samskeyti was just released on their double EP set Hvarf/Heim. And also coincidentally, their concert film Heima is screening next week at the Kendall Square Cinema in Cambridge [I already got my tickets]. It truly is a week of Sigur Ros.

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  1. jps246 said...
    I thought maybe...maybe...they'd let us go early, but it seems as if I'll be driving home in the worst of it this evening.

    Oh well.

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